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Would-Be ATM Thieves Leave Empty-Handed

Despite making a big mess, potential burglars get away with nothing.

Thieves with some complicated plans to steal an ATM got
smoked out Monday morning, fleeing the scene empty-handed but leaving behind a
fine mess.


According to Sgt. Ron Price of the Santa Clarita station, an
unknown number of people tunneled through a gym equipment store on The Old Road

Stevenson Ranch Parkway
trying to get to the ATM at the Lockheed Credit Union. They even put paper over
the windows at the equipment store to conceal their activities.

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“They tried to tunnel through the wall, but they couldn’t
get into the credit union,” Price said. “So they went out to the back door and
knocked out all the cameras.”

Using a torch to try and cut into the ATM safe, the thieves
were halfway through their task when smoke from their acetylene torch set off
the smoke alarm, sending them running from the scene with nothing to show for
their efforts.

Deputies received a call at and reported that the suspects destroyed security monitors,
but did not get away with any money.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Santa Clarita
Valley sheriff’s station at 255-1121.