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Valencia Medical Weight Control - Dr. Lawrence Mayer

Valencia Medical Weight Control - Dr. Lawrence Mayer

Valencia Medical Weight Control, Dr. Lawrence Mayer

Best program, Easy to follow, Best value

“Our goal is to exceed your expectations”

(661) 222-7272
24355 Lyons Avenue
Suite #110
Santa Clarita, CA  91321

Dr. Lawrence Mayer’s Valencia Medical Weight Control programs offer a high quality and in-depth weight loss regiment that is best for you.  Dr. Mayer is a friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and non-judgmental MD with more than 10 years experience in medical weight control.

With no hidden fees and no contracts, Dr. Mayer will spend an hour or more with you for your initial visit and follow up in the next few weeks.

Dr. Mayer provides Santa Clarita weight loss and is committed to providing excellent programs and will answer any questions you may have and will treat each of you as a unique individual.  You will be in contact with either Dr. Mayer or with Valencia Medical Weight Control’s bilingual (se habla español) international Graduate RN (University trained, 4 years program) with 13 years experience in medical weight control.

With Dr. Mayer and Valencia Medical Weight Control’s you can be assured that their goal is to exceed your expectations.

“I have been unhappy with my weight for at least 6 years. My wife talked me into going to Dr. Mayer. It was the best thing I could have ever done. To date I have lost effortlessly nearly 50lbs. Dr. Mayer taught me how to eat properly. Since going to him I feel better and I have more energy. My mental state has turned around. I am forever grateful,” said in a testimonial about Dr. Mayer.

Offered at Valencia Medical Weight Control:

New Prescription Medication

  • Control hunger, cravings, compulsive overeating and constantly thinking about food.
  • Makes you calmer and more optimistic. Reduces stress eating. 

Nutrition Plan

  • Tasty, quick, balanced and scientific.

 Exercise Plan

  • Efficient and practical even if you have limited time. 

Behavior Modification

  • Eliminate triggers to inappropriate eating behavior and negative self-talk.


  • Long-term weight control is possible! 

Dr. Mayer teaches their patients lifetime weight management skills. Valencia Medical Weight Control also treats highly motivated teenagers for weight loss. Parental consent and supervision required for ages 13-18. The use of medications is optional.

Contact Valencia Medical Weight Control – Dr. Lawrence Mayer by calling (661) 222-7272 or visit their website.

Valencia Medical Weight Control, Dr. Lawrence Mayer