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Total Financial Safer Money Hour -January8, 2013

Co-Host:  Jeff Firard

Hour #1 - Three different ways to pay off debt.

Hour #2 - Debt delinquency timeline

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Right Click Here To Download Hour 2!


Total Financial Safer Money Hour -January8, 2013

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Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour with Airig Halaby airs on AM-1220 KHTS Tuesdays from 12pm-2pm.

Total Financial Safer Money Hour Hosted by Arif Halaby is here to give you financial tips and keep your family out of debt.  Finances isn’t really something that is talked about around the diner table.  These things are not really discussed or taught to you by stalk brokers and bankers and anyone who touches your money. Why isn’t it that before a bank gives you a credit card, they should make you fill out a form or earn a certificate before you get a credit card.  Its always sad when someone comes in for help, its not that they are stupid or anything like that, the problem is that they where never taught how to manage money.  Banks are like the Red Cross, when you give blood, they don’t’ take all of it right now.  No they take a little bit now, and a little bit later, and a little bit later.  And that is the same as the bank, they take a little bit now and a little bit later so that they can have this constant stream of money.  And they don’t teach you how or why they do these things because their job is to take money from you.  

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Who is taking care of you? We have discussed that both political parties do not have your best interest in mind, or else they would have passed a bill.  Same as the president.  They haven’t passed a bill in over four years, that is unheard of.  

Things are not right, as a society we are spending money we don’t have.  If you charge diner to a credit card, you are paying for the diner long after all nutritional value has left.  If you get food stamps, 40 cents for every dollar in your bank account comes from china, that is just not right.  

Everyone grab your pens, grab you paper, we are going to talk about how to get out of debt quickly.  Money School is a program I have created so that people can learn the basics.  Take a look at all the different programs out there, such as we need to teach people what the stock market is.  

Get all the information you need about Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour here.

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