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Think Green

Think Green

    Public Transportation - Santa Clarita Transit


    At Santa Clarita Transit, they offer you a safe, comfortable, convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly experience.

    Consider this the next time you get into your car and head to work…

    Thinking Green at Home

    Follow these simple tips to help you save the cash and the environment

    1. Dispose of hazardous waste properly - Cleaners, oils, paints, pesticides, batteries, and solvents can contaminate the soil and groundwater and need to be handled and disposed of separately from your household trash. Electronics, such as cell phones and computers, must be disposed of separately as well. They can contain mercury and other toxins that can be extremely harmful to the environment.

    Saving Money at the Pump

    With gas costs constantly fluctuating, here are some tips help you save some money while helping the environment.
    Brought to your by Pacc Automotive

    1. Park in the shade - Using air conditioning actually uses extra gas, and driving with your windows open cut down on fuel efficiency. Keeping your car cool during the day can pay big dividends in the long run.

    Gas Conservation

    Looking to Lower Your Gas Bill?
    Try using these small tips and watch as your gas bill starts to fall
    Brought to you by the Southern California Gas Company

    1.    Heating and Cooling
    •    Clean and replace filters on your heater and air conditioner regularly. A cleaner filter will ensure your heater and air conditioner will run much more efficiently and save you money.

    Saving Energy And Money

    Brought to you by Southern California Edison

    ImageAs the days get darker in Santa Clarita, we turn the lights on earlier and leave them on more each day. Lighting accounts for about a quarter of all electricity consumed in the U.S. Here are some ways to lighten the energy load while keeping your home bright:

    Replace light bulbs.

    Think Green Garden

    You can stop dreaming about a green lawn, because with these tips, you can make it happen.  A lot of lawns aren’t very “green” — at least, not for the environment. Residential lawns can use a lot of toxic chemicals — up to 10 pounds of pesticides per acre. The poisons don’t end at your front door. When it rains, pesticides may be flushed into local streams, rivers, and lakes, harming fish and plants along the way. Here are some tips to make sure your grass looks great — and is safe for pets, children, and other living things.


    Thinking Green At Work

    Though many companies are already recycling their office paper, you can clean up your office by employing and encouraging some of these money-saving practices.

    Copy on both sides of the paper. This is especially efficient for internal documents and drafts.


    Reduce documents to fit two pages onto one. Use for circulating rough drafts or file copies of documents.


    Everyday Tips For Recycling


    Image1.) Bring your own cloth or fabric bags when you shop

    Oceans Awareness


    Our oceans are in trouble. 
    Careless activities by people, at sea and on land, have created the dire state of the oceans today:


    •    Routine activities on land and water contribute to 6.4 million tons of debris entering the ocean every year


    •    In the US, littering accounts for the majority marine debris that originates from land


    •    Plastic debris is especially dangerous, because it does not degrade and poses swallowing and entanglement threats to marine life

    Why Think Green


    Did You Know?


    The United States is 5% of the world’s population but consumes 30% of the world’s resources and creates 30% of the waste.