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Water Damage

    "Lunch & Learn" Program Focuses On Mold And Water Damage

    Servicemaster by Master & Sons is hosting a free Lunch and Learn program for area homeowners who want to learn about the dangers of mold and water buildup in their homes.

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    CBC Carpet Cleaning & Restoration: Is Your Home At Risk For Water Damage?

    CBC Cleaning and RestorationEven the smallest of leaks can become a big problem within the right circumstances. Protecting your home or business from potential water damage can be a simple process and as easy as enforcing good home maintenance with a few proactive measures. Two quick and simple ways to avoid costly and damaging leaks are running appliances only while you are home and turning the main water supply off while on vacation. Enlisting a helpful neighbor or family member who is willing to look after your home while you are gone avoids a much larger loss if they can recognize if water damage occurs early on.

    Checking appliance hoses, particularly behind washing machines, and replacing steel-braided hoses with more durable rubber ones, replacing broken tiles in showers or on the floor, which allow water to leak through, and occasionally regrouting are never a bad idea. It is very common for water damage to be the result of a burst pipe due to excessive water pressure. A typical gauge can measure the water pressure in your home or business to ensure that it is between 60 and 80 PSI (pounds per square inch). Be sure that existing gauges are working correctly and replace them whenever necessary.