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SCV Outdoor Report

    Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Superhero Trees

    By MRCA Naturalist Carolyn Everhart

    This week’s SCV Outdoor Report draws parallels between trees and superheroes.  Learn the benefits of trees and how tree bark and tree leaves play a role in simple trees being superhero trees.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

    Do you remember playing dodge ball as a kid?  Do you remember ducking and weaving as you tried to avoid the large rubber balls flying at you from every direction?  Or how about hitting baseballs? How long did it take you to learn keep your eye on the ball?  Neuroscientists describe our “ability to select and respond to one sensory stimulus in the presence of distractions” as “selective attention”.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Hitting The Trail With Fido

    Written by MRCA Naturalist Mieko Alley

    Hiking with a partner is more than just good company, it is a time-old understanding between hiking buddies: I will look out for you, you look out for me. This summer, MRCA Rangers have had to make a few unique rescues in Caballero Canyon and Towsley Canyon. Both rescues were a result of a hiking partner not being in touch with the needs of their buddy.

    Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Balancing Act

    Dr. Francis Collins, the currect Director of the NIH, is one of my heroes because he is both a top-notch scientist and a Christian.  I like his perspective on dealing with opposing points of view: “One must dig deeply into opposing points of view in order to know whether your own position remains defensible. Iron sharpens iron.”

    SCV Outdoor Report: Extinct or Extirpated?

    This week’s SCV Outdoor Report by Wendy Langhans tells us the difference between extinct and extirpated.  Passenger pigeons, dinosaurs, gray wolves: vanished from earth or gone from a region?

    SCV Outdoor Report: The Ants Go Marching, Part II

    Wendy Langhans’ Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report, “The Ants Go Marching,” answers questions about flower pollination.  In part II, Wendy answers the “why” ants go marching.

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: The Ants Go Marching (Part I)

    Last Saturday, as I was teaching a class of volunteer docents about our local wildflowers, one of the docents asked, “What about ants?  I see them on flowers all the time. Do they pollinate flowers?” 

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: Tales From The Vienna Woods

    Johann Strauss II composed his famous waltz, “Tales from the Vienna Woods” in 1868.  However, our “tale” for this week has little to do with waltzing or the Strauss family.  But it does have to do with music...specifically bird song...and research from the city of Vienna and its nearby Vienna Woods.

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: Beetle Voicemail

    Thirty years ago, I was working in Silicon Valley for ROLM Corporation, one of the pioneers in voicemail telecommunications.  But recently, I learned that insects have been communicating with their version of “voicemail” for much longer than 30 years - more like millions of years.

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: One Way Street

    Breathing. It’s something we normally do 12-18 times every minute. But just for a moment - pay attention to the flow of air. Take a deep breath. Hold it for five seconds. Then slowly breathe out. You have what is called a bi-directional flow of air to and from your lungs.