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Santa Clarita Water

    Is Water Barrel Storage Really The Best Option For A Water Emergency?

    The recent 6.0 earthquake in San Francisco has devastated families across the Bay Area, rupturing water lines and leaving several households without water for days. Though rescue agencies have reached out to those homes, limited resources make it vital that each household have their own emergency water supply.

    Is This Extreme Drought Putting Our Drinking Water Supply At Risk?

    Despite conservation efforts new statistics are showing that California’s emergency drought situation is worse than it’s ever been before. With little rainfall and conservation efforts largely ignored, it’s important that each person understand the severity of situation.

    While every home should take all measures possible to cut back on their water consumption, It is also important to prepare for crisis through the creation of an emergency water storage system. However, storing water effectively in a drought situation raises ethical as well as practical questions.

    Valencia Water Conservation Co. Drought Reports Now Online

    Valencia Water Co. officials announced Monday “personal drought reports” are now available online to help customers lessen the impacts of the drought and meet Gov. Jerry Brown’s call to reduce water usage by 20 percent.

    Drought-Tolerant Plants And Landscaping Displayed By CLWA

    The new Castaic Lake Water Agency Conservatory Garden and Learning Center is located above Central Park and is home to more than 300 varieties of drought-tolerant plants, flowers and grasses, according to officials.

    Emergency Safe Drinking Water With LifeTank (Part 2)

    Lifetank answers the question, Is the Chlorine in your pool safe to drink in an emergency?

    Emergency Safe Drinking Water With LifeTank

    The drought in California has reached its apex with a heat wave right around the corner. While the water supply is low, consumption is higher than ever as California's are fighting to remain hydrated and filling up their pools.

    However, Californians are seeing their home and community pool as a potential emergency storage system as well as an escape from the heat. With the threat of an emergency water shortage looming, experts are investigating the question: Is pool water really safe to drink?

    California Drought Could Affect Santa Clarita If Conditions Persist

    The driest year on record in the state's history has led Governor Brown to declare a State of Emergency due to drought.

    The Santa Clarita Water Agency Receives Budget Awards

    The Santa Clarita Water (SCWD) a division of Castaic Lake Water Agency received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award presented by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada for its FY 2012/13 Budget.

    This award reflects the commitment of the governing body and staff to meet the highest principles of governmental budgeting. This is the second consecutive year in which SCWD has received this award.