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Gradual Clearing
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Moana Vida

    Editorial: Bringing Awareness To Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Chances are you've heard of Parkinson's. Funding for this disease numbers around a hundred million each year. What if I told you there is a disease that affects about the same amount of individuals every year, and rates a on a pain scale higher than childbirth or cancer pain? And what if I told you the average patient sees up to twelve doctors before they get the proper diagnosis. This is if they are lucky enough not to commit suicide before someone can offer them relief.

    Fundraiser Set Up To Help Micaela Bensko

    The friends and family of Micaela Bensko, a local veteran’s advocate and writer who was disabled in a driveway accident, recently set up a fundraiser to help pay for her out-of-pocket expenses.

    Editorial: The Only Facebook How-To Update You Will Ever Need

    Facebook has become my primary connection to the outside world. Over this past year I have discovered many nuances to posting and updates that have improved the quaity of my communication with others. I hope this helps you all as well to see that Facebook can truly be a tool that can enhance your life if done with thoughtfulness and care.

    Editorial: Sweetness - A Squirrel's Perspective

    What would a Santa Clarita squirrel say about life in one woman's backyard, and his perspective on what really matters?

    Editorial: A Mother, A Son And A Deployment

    A mother, a son and a deployment. Few civilians will ever understand the impact these three things have on a family. Especially when the parents never thought their son would be serving his country.