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Michael Antonovich

    Firefighters Killed In Station Fire Honored On 5 Year Anniversary

    Five years ago, the Station Fire ravaged through hundreds of thousands of acres of the Angeles National Forest, killing two firefighters and destroying more than 100 homes and structures.

    LARC Ranch, Bouquet Canyon Community Still Out Of Water

    With California in a major drought, many are suffering from the lack of water. The Los Angeles Residential Community Ranch is among those who have run out of water in the Bouquet Canyon community.

    Supervisor Antonovich Shares State Of County At 6th Annual Luncheon

    Michael Antonovich joined local business leaders and government officials for the sixth annual State of the County Luncheon on Thursday, to share what Los Angeles County has done in the past year, and what is planned for the future.

    L.A. County Officials Decry Serial Rapist's Release To Antelope Valley

    Los Angeles County officials, as well as state legislators, decried a Santa Clara County judge's decision to release serial rapist Christopher Hubbart to an Antelope Valley address

    13 SCV Teens To Be Honored By City And Government Representatives

    City and local government representatives are honoring 13 Santa Clarita Valley teens at the SCV Teen Hero Recognition Ceremony on Thursday, city officials announced.

    The teens have been selected by school administrators for making positive life changes and overcoming serious obstacles in their lives, acting as leaders for their peers, according to a city of Santa Clarita news release. 

    Santa Clarita Gets 'Bigger Piece' of Smaller Pie As CA Film Production Decreases

    With overall film production decreasing in California, Supervisor Michael Antonovich has asked the board to pen a letter to state government, requesting that they help stem runaway production. But, TV production in the SCV continues to increase.

    Los Angeles County Board Declares Emergency For Bouquet Canyon

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors declared a state of emergency for Bouquet Canyon, where residents' wells are going dry. The county Department of Water and Power has been restricting water due to silt buildup in Bouquet Creek.

    Briggs Road Residents Gain Railroad Crossing Access After 9 Years

    Los Angeles County officials have determined that the railroad crossing Briggs Road residents use to access their properties is in fact a legal crossing. The residents say it's one step in a long process to get legal road access to their homes.

    Antonovich Asks County To Declare Emergency In Bouquet Canyon

    Supervisor Michael Antonovich is calling his fellow Los Angeles County board members to declare a state of emergency in Bouquet Canyon, where silt buildup in Bouquet Canyon Creek has created a flood hazard and caused wells to go dry.

    County Board, CEO Look At Contracting With Private Correctional Facilities

    AB 109 requires that non-violent, non-sexual offenders be housed in county jails instead of state prisons. At Tuesday's meeting, county CEO reported to the board on the possibility of contracting with public and private facilities to house offenders.