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interest rates

    Real Estate & Market Report: June 28, 2013

    It is simply amazing that there used to be a time that the stock market would drop at any economic report that was negative and indicated a less than strong economy.  However this week the exact opposite happened.  The markets rallied on Wednesday when the GDP report came in worse than expected. You may be reading this newsletter and think that investor behavior just doesn't make any sense.

    Real Estate & Market Report: June 25, 2013

    By: Fred Arnold

    Well we all know what hit the fan this week after the Fed made their market announcement about the future of interest rates. Although the Fed did not change a thing in regard to monetary policy, the markets reacted as if the sky was falling and both the bond and stock market tanked for 2 days straight.

    Real Estate & Market Report: June 14, 2013

    By: Fred ArnoldFred Arnold
    Despite the absence of major market moving news in the U.S., stocks have had a wild ride for the first 4 days of the week.  The market volatility has been primarily based upon speculation about what the Fed will do regarding interest rates and economic concerns over seas.  The market finished Thursday only down 100 points for the week after being down over 300 points at the start of Thursdays trading.

    Mortgage rates have been continuing their march higher although the pace of the increase has slowed somewhat. On Thursday rates recovered slightly, however many investors continue to remain on pins and needles regarding the value of their bond portfolio. As rates rise, the value of bond holdings deteriorate. Despite the increase in rates investors seem to be waiting for what the Fed will do next.

    Real Estate & Market Report: May 31, 2013

    By: Fred ArnoldFred Arnold

    Housing continues to improve at a rate much faster than anyone expected.  We are now fully into a seller's market, and the seller's know it.  More and more properties are seeing multiple offers and buyers are a lot more willing to settle just to get into a home.  (Hmm, doesn't this sound similar to a real estate market back in the mid 2000's?) Home prices are increasing at boom-time rates as the Case-Shiller Home Price Index reported an increase in values of 1.4% for the month of March.