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flu season

    Health Tips By Doctor Polucki, Are The Holidays Making You Sick?

    In case you had not noticed, it is flu season again. Time to line up for nearly free injections that supposedly protect us from getting the flu. As mentioned in a previous article, removing opinion and research funding bias, Cochrane review shows no benefit of the flu shot.

    Here are some simple things you can do to enjoy a less stressful and flu-less holiday season this year.

    Editorial: 7 Things You Can Do To Avoid The Flu, By Doctor Polucki

    Waiting in the checkout line at a large retail store, you may be tempted by the nurse at the fold up table to get your flu shot while you are waiting to ring up your items.

    Why not? It’s convenient. It’s almost free, no doctor’s appointment needed. Every day on the news they say you really should get a flu shot this year because it’s going to be a bad flu season.

    Sure there are opinions out there against vaccines but what about the science? Is there a real and unbiased source to get information about flu shot safety and effectiveness?

    Vaccination And Good Health Habits Can Help Prevent The Flu

    Flu season is upon us, though not yet in full force in California, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). StateCenters for Disease Control
     health officials say that while we 
    are seeing an increase in flu activity in California it is not an unexpected increase, nor is it too late to