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    County Officials Continue Search For Bouquet Canyon Road Solution

    Los Angeles County Public Works officials are continuing the search for a solution to the dried-up wells and the flooded Bouquet Canyon Road by conducting research in the area and exploring the possibility of realigning the road.

    Santa Clarita Water Officials Shut Down Three Wells

    Santa Clarita Valley water officials have closed three wells and modified others due to concerns about the water supply in the midst of a statewide drought.

    Is Water Barrel Storage Really The Best Option For A Water Emergency?

    The recent 6.0 earthquake in San Francisco has devastated families across the Bay Area, rupturing water lines and leaving several households without water for days. Though rescue agencies have reached out to those homes, limited resources make it vital that each household have their own emergency water supply.

    Santa Clarita Representative Sponsors And Passes Three Bills Through Senate

    A Santa Clarita Valley representative sponsored three bills that passed through the state Senate this week, including a wiretap bill, an effort to increase transparency and the first-ever attempt to protect groundwater supplies.

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    Prepare Your Household For An Emergency During Drought Crisis

    Regardless of conservation campaigns, new statistics show that California’s drought is only getting worse. With several homes in Santa Clarita ignoring conservation efforts, and rainfall at an all time low, it’s important that Californians realize the magnitude of this emergency.

    Santa Clarita Residents Can Report Broken Sprinklers To City Officials

    Santa Clarita Valley residents have a way to contact the city of Santa Clarita in the case of malfunctioning sprinklers.

    $7.5 Billion Water Bond For California Approved By State Senate

    A $7.5 billion water bond for California was approved unanimously Wednesday by the state Senate.

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    Santa Clarita Valley Officials Expected To OK Drought Restrictions This Week

    Santa Clarita Valley water agency officials gathered Tuesday to discuss conservation measures facing Santa Clarita Valley water ratepayers. The restrictions have a 270-day trigger, Cole said, meaning the restrictions would be evaluated again at that time based on the rainfall levels. The revenues from fines are up to the discretion of the respective water retailer, Cole said, but NCWD intended to put the money back into conservation programs.

    Is This Extreme Drought Putting Our Drinking Water Supply At Risk?

    Despite conservation efforts new statistics are showing that California’s emergency drought situation is worse than it’s ever been before. With little rainfall and conservation efforts largely ignored, it’s important that each person understand the severity of situation.

    While every home should take all measures possible to cut back on their water consumption, It is also important to prepare for crisis through the creation of an emergency water storage system. However, storing water effectively in a drought situation raises ethical as well as practical questions.

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: Blooming Through The Drought

    Introducing Contributing Writer:  Mieko Alley

    As summer temperatures rise, you may be inclined to spend more time inside or drink more water as a response to the heat. Your dog may dig under the house to escape the sun or you may find that your cat has given up his perch on the windowsill. You may even find that your plants are behaving differently!