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    Migraine Relief, Chiropractic Lifestyle Choices To Stay Headache Free

    Migraine Relief, When the Magic Pill Just Won’t Work, Try No-Twist-No-Crack Chiropractic.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Migraine relief is why I became a chiropractor, I have enjoyed a headache and drug free lifestyle for the past thirty years. Prior to a no-twisting, no-cracking adjustment to my upper neck when I was 16, I had a migraine, at least once a week, even with prescription medications, my entire life.

    Dr. Polucki Provides Helpful Natural Headache Relief Tips, Facts And Warnings

    Top Santa Clarita chiropractor and nutrition advisor offers natural alternatives to ineffective and potentially dangerous drugs for headache relief

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    Have you needed headache relief  in the past month? Headaches may be common, but they are not normal. So if you get recurring headaches, even if you have found temporary relief, you need to read this.

    Kidney Stones On The Rise, Health Tips By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    Kidney Stones cause excruciating pain in the low back that often wraps around the top of your hips and into your groin. Passing kidney stones can feel like giving birth.  A stone larger than a quarter of an inch will probably not pass without medical help.

    The Back Pain Epidemic In Santa Clarita

    By: Dr. Thomas Polucki DC

    Chances are you will experience back pain sometime in your life. 80% of all Santa Clarita residents will, according to Thomas Polucki DC

    Whether it’s lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper and neck pain, coping with the discomfort can be very challenging.

    “Most people who experience back pain serious enough to seek professional help first try a conventional approach to treat back pain,” shared Santa Clarita chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Polucki.

    Polucki isn’t your typical chiropractor. He doesn’t twist or crack your back. After teaching the technique programs at two very different chiropractic schools and 20 years of clinical research and development, Polucki states, “the spine loves finesse, not manipulation.”