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Cary Quashen

    Action Family Counseling Pleased With Urban Outfitters' Recall

    After pressure from and concerned parents, substance abuse counselors and government officials across the nation, Urban Outfitters has recalled their line of shot glasses designed to look like prescription pill bottles.

    Editorial: Summer A Dangerous Driving Time For Teens

    Cary Quashen of Action Family Counseling cautions parents to be aware of the risk to teenagers driving during summer. Always know where your teens are driving, who they will be with, and where they will be home.

    Santa Clarita Heroin Deaths Down As ACTION Plans For Sober Summer

    Monday’s ‘Families in ACTION’ Show on KHTS Focuses on Staying Sober During School Break

    Santa Clarita Mayor, Rehab Experts Blast Urban Outfitters Rx Products

    Urban Outfitters Rx products spark controversy.Controversy Sparked by Drinking Glasses Designed to Look Like Prescription Pill Bottles

    Editorial: Addiction Intervention and Treatment Work

    Written by: Cary Quashen

    It seems now days one can’t go an entire day without hearing about addiction and recovery. It’s on the internet, in the news, the story line of many television shows and movies, and the focus of reality television programs. But while addiction is openly talked about these days, (for many, many, years it was a taboo subject) aspects of recovery from this horrible disease are constantly debated and many who are addicted believe they can become clean and sober alone.