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Cary Quashen

    Santa Clarita Valley Dodger Day Registration Is Open

    The 37th Annual Santa Clarita Valley Dodger Day is coming up on Saturday, April 26, and tickets are already starting to sell out. Purchase tickets at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center or online. Proceeds will benefit local nonprofits and schools.

    Action Family Counseling Helps Clergy Plan Drug Abuse Prevention Programs

    By: Cary Quashen | Action Family Counseling

    As a substance abuse counseling expert, I know the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported in 2012 that over 22.2 million persons aged 12 or older were classified with substance dependence or abuse. Overall, 17.7 million had alcohol dependence or abuse, and 7.3 million had illicit drug dependence or abuse.

    Santa Clarita Activists Take President To Task On Marijuana Comments

    The California Narcotics Officers' Association and Cary Quashen of Action Family Counseling are concerned about the effects of comments by President Barack Obama, comparing marijuana to alcohol.

    Action, KHTS Remember Youth Who Died Of Drug Overdoses

    The Action Family Foundation and KHTS came together to celebrate the lives of seven young people who have died of drug overdoses in the last three years. The No Forgotten Angels wreath will be on display in the Westfield Mall until the end of December.

    Join The Voices For Recovery: Together On Pathways To Wellness

    By: Cary Quashen

    Someone once shared with me they thought an alcoholic or drug addict was the old man who lived underneath the bridge and was homeless, doomed to a life of recklessness and hopelessness. But also shared they had subsequently discovered addiction affects everyone.

    Second Action Drug Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil Lights Friday

    Event Provides Santa Clarita Valley Residents a Time to Share in Mourning the Loss of Loved Ones to Drug Overdoses

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    Action 2nd Annual Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil

    Back To School Resolutions For Tweens And Teens

    Cary Quashen, a high-risk teen counselor and founder of Action Family Counseling, gives back-to-school advice for parents, teens and tweens.

    ACTION Family Zone Parents’ Seminar Spotlights Risky Teen Trends

    Special Meeting Wednesday Night Shows How Stunts Like Car-Surfing, Condom-Snorting are Just as Dangerous as Drug Abuse

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    Action Family Counseling Pleased With Urban Outfitters' Recall

    After pressure from Drugfree.org and concerned parents, substance abuse counselors and government officials across the nation, Urban Outfitters has recalled their line of shot glasses designed to look like prescription pill bottles.

    Editorial: Summer A Dangerous Driving Time For Teens

    Cary Quashen of Action Family Counseling cautions parents to be aware of the risk to teenagers driving during summer. Always know where your teens are driving, who they will be with, and where they will be home.