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    Santa Clarita To Put Metro Billboard Deal On November Ballot

    Santa Clarita city council members voted 3-1 to put their controversial billboard deal with Metro and Allvision on the November ballot Tuesday. The options in front of City Council were the result of a referendum drive by Santa Clarita residents, who, funded by a billboard-lobbying group, set out to fight the deal in May.

    Santa Clarita To Look At Metro Billboard Deal At City Council Meeting

    Santa Clarita officials will have to decide what the next step is for a controversial billboard deal with Metro and AllVision on Tuesday at the next City Council meeting. Santa Clarita officials approved a plan with Metro and AllVision that would put three large, two-sided electronic signs next to Santa Clarita Valley freeways, in exchange for Metro taking down billboards on Metro-controlled propertythroughout the city. Opponents of the effort, funded in part by a billboard lobbying group that wanted to see an open-bidding process for any new billboard deal, successfully created a referendum that put those plans on hold. For how long is, up to Santa Clarita City Council members Tuesday.

    County Certifies Signatures For Santa Clarita Billboard Referendum

    County officials confirmed that Santa Clarita received more than 16,000 signatures in opposition to the city's billboard deal with Metro

    Santa Clarita City Council OKs Metro Billboards For Second Reading

    Santa Clarita City Council members voted 3-1 to send a controversial billboard proposal from Metro forward for a second reading March 25

    Santa Clarita To Discuss Billboards, Regional Water Plan At City Hall

    Santa Clarita city officials are set to discuss a billboard proposal from Metro and a water plan at City Hall on Tuesday

    UPDATE: Santa Clarita Billboard Proposal Could Clear Road For Metro Deal

    A controversial deal before Santa Clarita City Council could allow Metro billboards on Santa Clarita land; small businesses say it hurts their bottom line, city says it will beautify Santa Clarita

    Billboard Reduction Recommended By Planning Commission

    The Metropolitan Transit Authority's proposal to remove 118 billboards in the Santa Clarita Valley in exchange for three digital billboards, was recommended by the Santa Clarita Planning Commission with a 3-1 vote on Tuesday.

    Santa Clarita Planning Commission To Hold Billboard Public Hearing Tuesday

    First of three public hearings will help Santa Clarita City Council decide whether to go forward with Metro billboard proposal.

    City Considers Proposal To Remove 118 Billboards In Santa Clarita

    The city of Santa Clarita is considering a proposal from Metro that would remove 62 billboard structures along Railroad Avenue and Soledad Canyon Road in exchange for three digital billboards along I-5 and SR-14.