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Back Pain

    Relationship Stress? Pain Is A Symptom, Communication Is Key To Health

    Can better communication reduce relationship stress? Dr. Thomas Polucki, Santa Clarita’s Five Star Chiropractor, has the secret to healthy relationships.

    Stay Fit And Stay Flush By Karena Thek Lineback

    By: Karena Thek Lineback

    When the bad economy hit the fitness industry I had one really great thing going for me: I love what I do. So when clients had to drop off because finances became difficult, I invited a few of them back at no charge because, quite frankly, I missed them.  I missed the people and I missed one of the best parts of my job: watching people create drastic, life-improving change.

    When Core Strength Is A Medical Necessity, By Karena Thek Lineback

    by Karena Thek Lineback

    Core strength has been a buzzword in fitness for quite a while now but now we are hearing that same buzz from the medical field.  Clients are being referred to a Pilates program by their medical doctors who know that increased core strength can only mean decreased physical pain. So how do you know if core strengthening will help you?

    Does Scoliosis Really Matter? By Karena Thek Lineback

    By: Karena Thek Lineback

    The answer: Maybe; Maybe not.  Depends on a couple of things:

                 #1: How exaggerated is your curve? and

                #2: Are you in pain? 

    Chronic Back Pain: It's All In Your Head, By Karena Thek Lineback

    By: Karena Thek Lineback | Pilates Teck

    Your pain is all in your to speak. 

    Chronic, or ongoing, pain is the result of the neurological system ‘protecting’ you from further injury. Pain becomes a safety mechanism to control your actions from creating further damage.

    In other words, your brain doesn’t trust you to do the right thing.  Your brain says, “You hurt my body once and God only knows if you’ll just decide to go bungee-jumping off a short bridge next weekend.”

    Boston Scientific Changes Lives With New Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Boston Scientific has invented a way to stop chronic pain, so people can experience a better lifestyle again. They have recently developed the Precision Spectra Spinal Cord Stimulator System with Illumina 3D software and 32 contacts.

    The Back Pain Epidemic In Santa Clarita

    By: Dr. Thomas Polucki DC

    Chances are you will experience back pain sometime in your life. 80% of all Santa Clarita residents will, according to Thomas Polucki DC

    Whether it’s lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper and neck pain, coping with the discomfort can be very challenging.

    “Most people who experience back pain serious enough to seek professional help first try a conventional approach to treat back pain,” shared Santa Clarita chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Polucki.

    Polucki isn’t your typical chiropractor. He doesn’t twist or crack your back. After teaching the technique programs at two very different chiropractic schools and 20 years of clinical research and development, Polucki states, “the spine loves finesse, not manipulation.”