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Avoidable Medical Expenses

    Achieving High Energy Health, By Doctor Polucki

    Does a salted caramel iced coffee sound good to you right now? How about a soda or an energy drink to get through the rest of the day? Craving salt, sweets and relying on stimulants to get through the day or night are socially reinforced by product marketing but these are early warning signs of a dangerous chemical imbalance and while a shot of sugar, caffeine or something stronger may perk you up, these quick fixes are actually making things much worse.

    Top Five Tips To Avoid A Medical Bankruptcy, By Doctor Polucki

    By: Doctor Polucki

    Medical expenses top the reasons for bankruptcy and foreclosure. The reform politicians debate over only proposed changes to whom pays for the most expensive and one of the least effective healthcare systems on the planet. Real reform requires a change in the American approach towards health.

    Three Avoidable Causes Of Unnecessary Medical Expenses

    There are three, totally avoidable causes of unnecessary medical expenses