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SCV Your Home Inside And Out

    Real Estate & Market Report: September 13, 2013

    by: Fred Arnold

    Voyager 1 has indeed left our solar system and Home values increase.

    After 36 years of space travel and months of heated debate among scientists, NASA confirmed Thursday that Voyager 1 has indeed left our solar system and had entered interstellar space more than a year ago. It has good company, as I think that 30-yr fixed 3.25% home loans are right there with it.

    Real Estate & Market Report: September 06, 2013

    Mortgage rates are rising again.  Although we are not experiencing large increases in a single day, there is certainly a rising trend.  There have not been any major headlines that mainstream news has reported that would explain the increase, however there is some less popular economic data that reinforces the notion that the economy is continuing to improve

    An improving economy leads to an improving stock market which means investors will bail out of bonds into stock therefore driving up bond yields which goes hand in hand with mortgage rates.

    Real Estate & Market Report: August 30, 2013

    The housing recovery continues to remain strong as indicated with a few different reports this week.  The Case-Shiller Home Value Index showed that home prices in June rose 0.9% from the prior month.  This report is slightly weaker than the previous report which showed an increase of 1.4% from May to June.  It is crazy that already analysts are questioning the housing recovery because of this slightly weaker report.

    Real Estate & Market Report: August 2, 2013

    By: Fred Arnold

    Coming up on August 24th, 17th Annual Heart of The West Dinner, Auction & Children's Demonstration-for Carousel Ranch,

    See attached interview with Denise Tomey, the Executive Director of Carousel Ranch about the Ranch. Equestrian Therapy at Carousel Ranch with Denise Tomey

    Real Estate And Market Report: July 26, 2013

    Home prices for existing home sales continue to remain firm despite that a little more inventory is coming on the market.  There is slight concern however in that the number of existing home sales declined by 1.2% in the month of June. Some experts tend to think that the decline is due to rising interest rates for mortgage financing however, I do not necessarily agree.

    Real Estate & Market Report: July 12, 2013

    By: Fred Arnold

    With the belief that the Fed is not rushing to begin the tapering of their economic stimulus program the stock market moved into record territory this week. Additionally the panic that has gripped the bond market has subsided and interest rates have been dropping. Although rates are not heading anywhere close to record lows, they are at least giving potential home buyers a little sigh of relief that they are not going to continue their rapid ascent.

    The Fed released the minutes from their most recent policy meeting and it was clear that they are not ready to make any changes to economic policy.  However it does appear that the board is becoming more and more divided on what economic data would create a shift in policy.

    Real Estate & Market Report: June 28, 2013

    It is simply amazing that there used to be a time that the stock market would drop at any economic report that was negative and indicated a less than strong economy.  However this week the exact opposite happened.  The markets rallied on Wednesday when the GDP report came in worse than expected. You may be reading this newsletter and think that investor behavior just doesn't make any sense.

    Real Estate & Market Report: June 25, 2013

    By: Fred Arnold

    Well we all know what hit the fan this week after the Fed made their market announcement about the future of interest rates. Although the Fed did not change a thing in regard to monetary policy, the markets reacted as if the sky was falling and both the bond and stock market tanked for 2 days straight.