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SCV Your Home Inside And Out

    Real Estate & Market Report: April 25, 2014

    I consider myself a glass half full individual and always look for the bright side in everything, I found myself this week struggling to find housing news that would be positive for my friends.

    Heading into this week I was very optimistic about the numerous housing reports to be delivered only to be disappointed. The first housing report of the week, existing homes shows that sales are yet to recover from the Federal Reserve's decision last year, to begin tapering the economic stimulus program.  

    Real Estate & Market Report: April 21, 2014

    In a positive sign for the real estate market, housing starts picked up in March. Although not as much as expected, the increase was welcome news for a market that has not seen growth in recent months as so many experts has predicted would occur. 

    Real Estate & Market Report: April 11, 2014

    What was shaping up to be a typical trading week in the stock market radically changed on Thursday. Monday through Wednesday trading volume was moderate and the indices remained in close proximity to plus or minus 100 points on a daily basis. Thursday the market, almost from the opening bell, tanked. 

    Real Estate & Market Report: April 04, 2014

    By Fred Arnold

    The stock market this week has shown signs of life and growth.  The large jumps and drops we have all become so accustomed to lately have subsided for the time being and that creates confidence in the economy. The lack of any significant economic news or world events has investors enjoying trading stability.

    Real Estate & Market Report: March 28, 2014

    This week has been all about housing. Although the reports are not showing tremendous growth, there are indications that the housing market is continuing its very slow but steady recovery.

    According to the Federal Housing Finance Administration, home prices gained 0.5 percent in January which piggybacks on December's 0.7 percent rise. Although the increase is less than the prior month, the report continues to indicate a  positive trend in values.

    Real Estate & Market Report: March 21, 2014

    Despite the week being filled with a number of potential market moving reports, for the most part the investor reaction remained fairly subdued.  The concern and market trepidation over what is happening in Russia has been on investor's mindsThe market is up more than 150 points through the Thursday. 

    Real Estate & Market Report: March 07, 2014

    The weather...the weather...the weather!  It is the weather that seems to being blamed from everything from low consumer confidence, to a decline in manufacturing, to poor retail sales. The relentless cold and snow in the Mid-Atlantic States all the way up to the Northeast through the month of February has many residents in those areas feeling the blues. If you watch any newscasts where they interview people from those areas, you hear words like "depressed", "sad" and "tired".

    Real Estate & Market Report: February 28, 2014

    This week I am excited to report that there has been a lot of positive economic data and much of it is related to the housing market. On Tuesday the Federal Housing Finance Agency reported that home prices rebounded 0.8 percent in December after declining 0.1 percent in November. 

    The trend for home prices has been upward in recent months and the quarterly reports on prices have risen for 10 straight quarters.  Additionally, the FHFA reported that home prices are 7.7 percent higher than a year ago.

    Real Estate & Market Report: February 14, 2014

    Let me start with a special Valentine's Day wish to you.  Today is a day that I hope you are able to spend with that special someone in your life.  Whether it is your one true love, your best friend, a parent, your children or that person that you have a very special relationship with, I wish you a day of enjoyment and love.

    Real Estate & Market Report: February 07, 2014

    The highly anticipated employment report is in, not to my surprise, pretty much every analyst, expert, including ADP Payroll Services, were not even close in their predictions.  Expectations were that in the month of December the employment rolls would see an addition of 180,000 jobs to the labor force.