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Create An Ombre Wall

Tami Smight Interior Design

By Tami Smight, ASID

Ombre is an adjective used to describe colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

You have seen ombre used in clothing and hairstyles and may not be aware of its name.

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To play up the dimensions of a room such as a family room, use gradated color. Remember, the key to creating an ombre is to work with one hue, or color family.  Let’s say your family room color palette is shades of beige, with green accents in plants and pillows.

I suggest a great trio of Benjamin Moore paint colors for your ombre wall

1.  BM Muskota Trail 974

2.  BM Coastal Fog 976

Blended Ombre Wall3.  BM Brandon Beige 977

These colors can be blended or have sharp delineation using painter’s tape.

When choosing a color for one room, or your entire home, a professional paint consultation is well worth the small investment.

I give the answers to “Why”?  Why is that green the best hue for your bathroom?  Why does it express the green undetones in your ceramic bath tile?

Call Tami Smight Interiors today to discuss your design project.

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