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Sheriff's Department Releases Updated Megan's Law Numbers For Sex Offenders

As a service to the public, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Friday an updated Megan’s Law listing for sex offenders in California.

“Every so often, they put it out so more people are aware that it’s there,” said Deputy Guillermina Saldana of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau in Downtown Los Angeles. “Although we think most people know about it, a lot of people may not realize that it’s out there.”

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 The Megan’s Law website allows for a search of sex offenders by zip code. The registered addresses

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies help maintain the database by conducting address verifications.

“Locally, the Crime Prevention Unit zone leaders are responsible for conducting address-verification checks regularly,” said Sheriff’s Station Deputy Josh Dubin.

Under California law, there are three levels of sex offenders: those who are considered higher risk, or “Full Address” registrants; and those who must register, but only have their zip codes disclosed; and offenders whose addresses are registered with local law enforcement, but their information is not disclosed.

Here in the Santa Clarita Valley, the numbers per zip code, are as follows (the zip codes are listed in numerical order): 91321, There are 18 “Full Address,” or FA, registrants, and 23 total offenders; 91350, there are 9 FA registrants, and 11 total offenders; there are 17 FA registrants, and 23 total offenders; 91354, there are 5 FA registrants, and 6 total offenders; 91355, there are 4 FA registrants, and 5 total offenders; 91381, had 0 listings; 91384, there are 10 FA registrants, and 11 total offenders; 91387, there are 5 FA registrants, and 8 total offenders; 91390, there are 5 FA registrants and 7 total offenders; and in the 93510 zip code, there are 8 FA registrants, and 10 total offenders.

Every state has its own version of Megan’s Law and requirements for sex-offender registry.

Since 2004, the public has been able to view information on sex offenders required to register with local law enforcement under California's Megan's Law.

“I don’t live in a relatively low-income area, but I looked at it, and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’” Saldana said. “(Megan’s Law violators) come from all walks of life -- that’s all I can say.”

Click here for facts about Megan’s Law from the state of California.

Click here for a link to a zip code map of California.

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