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Santa Clarita City Council Race '14: Candidates Report Contributions

Santa Clarita City Council candidates reported fundraising efforts for the first two months of the year recently.

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Contributions for the most recent filing period, from Jan. 1 to Feb. 22, are reported by candidates in their Form 460, which are available on a city website called VoteSantaClarita.

Three candidates filed a Form 470, indicating they will not be raising or spending more than $1,000 on their campaign in the calendar year. Those candidates are Sandra Bull, Dennis Conn and Paul Wieczorak.

Here’s a brief look at the statements of contributions and fundraising efforts for the other 10 candidates, who are vying for three City Council seats up for grabs in the April 8 election.

In California, the deadline to register for any election is 15 days before the vote.

Clicking on the candidate’s name will lead to a video of the candidate answering several questions at a local City Council candidate forum organized by KHTS AM-1220. (Wieczorak was unable to attend the forum.)

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1. Dante Acosta accepted $5,000 in loans, according to his most recent filing. He raised $2,790 in monetary contributions and $447 nonmonetary contributions. Acosta’s ending cash balance was $7,297.75. His contributions totaled $8,237.

His expenditures totaled $2,734.44

He has outstanding debts of $5,000 loan from Carolyn Acosta Medical Tech, SCV Quality Care.

Acosta also received a $1,000 contribution from GROW Elect, a political action committee that recruits, endorses, trains and funds Latino Republican candidates for public office.

Dante Acosta’s forms show that he raised $5,816 in contributions since Aug. 26, while spending $4,020.81 during the same period, according to his last filing. EZ Access Self Storage donated $1,000 on Jan. 16.

2. Moazzem Chowdhury received $12, 594 in monetary contributions. He received $21,060 in loans, for a total of $33,654 in campaign contributions. He reported nonmonetary contributions of $1,375.82, for a total of $35,029.82.

He noted expenditures totalling $22,183.62, and that his ending cash balance was $18,949.82.

Chowdhury did not have any filings for the previous filing period.

3. Stephen Daniels reported $880 in campaign contributions, and his expenditures totaled $721.51. He did not report any loans. He did not have any previous filings.

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4. Alan Ferdman raised $2,235 and received an additional $2,000 in loans, according to his disclosures.

His beginning cash balance was $13,563 and he paid out $5,533 in expenditures. He now has outstanding debts of $6,000 for his campaign.

Ferdman reported an ending cash balance of $12,263 for the most recent filing period.
Ferdman put $9,314 in his campaign fund during the previous filing period, between a $2,000 loan and $7,314 in contributions.

During the first filing period in 2013, Ferdman gathered $7,357 -- another $2,000 in a loan, $5,157 in monetary contributions and $200 in nonmonetary donations.

Ferdman spent $1,893 in the first filing period and $1,015 in the last period, which left his campaign with $13,563 in assets, and $4,000 in outstanding debts for the loans.

5. Berta Gonzalez-Harper raised $298, and received $2,000 in loans. She made $2,162.95 in payments for an ending cash balance of $135.05. She had no filings in the previous period for disclosure.

6. Maria Gutzeit received a total of $10,953 in contributions as of Feb. 22, $10,200 in loans

$1,550 in nonmonetary contributions. There was $6,805.38 in expenditures, for an ending cash balance of $14,246.12, with outstanding debts of $10,200 from the loans.

Gutzeit also filed amended reports noting additional contributions coming either after the filing period or at the $1,000 threshold for Form 497 disclosure.

Patti, a freelance writer married to Santa Clarita developer Charlie Rasmussen, donated $1,000. Charlie’s brother Larry Rasmussen, who’s also a developer, gave $1,000. A-Mehr Inc, a Laguna Beach-based engineering consultant, gave $1,000. Comfort Keepers gave $1,000. Developer RL Environmental Inc. contributed $1,000 on Feb. 24. Lance K. Williams of WIlliams Homes gave $1,000. Nathan Imhoff, a self-employed graphic artist gave $1,000.

The Conservation Station, a locally owned and operated recycling center in Santa Clarita according to the company’s website, gave $1,000. TST Inc., a Fontana-based aluminum manufacturer, contributed $1,000.

Gutzeit also received $1,000 from Amber Chemical, a British speciality silicones chemical group, developing diverse products for niche markets, according to the company’s website.

Her previous disclosures noted $10,200 in loans.

7. Duane Harte received $4,322 in loans, and reported $1,476 in expenditures.  

According to his last filing, Harte received a $1,000 contribution from “Buck” McKeon for Congress, in addition to $5,470 over the last year, and received an additional $159 in nonmonetary contributions.

He also took out a $5,000 loan for his campaign.

After spending $2,591 on his campaign in the last year, he still has $7,879 left for the last two months of the campaign season.

His ending cash balance is listed as $10,700.

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8. Incumbent Marsha McLean reported her beginning cash balance of $21,739.91, and her ending cash balance as $22,249.03.

McLean reported contributions from developer Thomas Clark of Royal Clark Dev. Co., who gave $1,000; developer Brookfield Los Angeles Builders Inc., which gave $1,000; and The Conservation Station, which also gave $1,000.

Lance K. Williams reportedly gave $1,000, as did the California Real Estate PAC.

On her Form 460, she reported $4,496 in monetary contributions for the most recent filing period.

Her year-to-date total contributions was $26,537, including $476.40 in nonmonetary contributions, per her most recent Form 460. Her total expenditures were $5,402.01.

McLean raised $18,569 in the previous campaign disclosure period, and a total of $22,041 in the last year. All of it was in the form of contributions. There was also an additional $476.40 in nonmonetary contributions.

There were $1,415.13 in expenditures, leaving her with an ending cash balance of $21,739.91 for the last two month of April’s race.

There was also an outstanding debt of $3,750 from a campaign loan in 2012 on her last Form 460.

9. Gloria Mercado-Fortine raised $7,905 in the most recent filing period, putting her year-to-date total at $23,174, including $7,000 in loans.

Her total contributions were reported as $30,174. The total expenditures amounted to $15,939, and she had an ending cash balance of $14,235.

Mercado-Fortine reported a $1,000 for GROW Elect GROW; she reported a $1,000 donation from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in a previous report.

In her previous filing, Mercado-Fortine received a total of $22,269 in contributions, with $7,000 coming in the form of a loan. There was $2,859 in expenditures, placing her ending balance for the last reporting period at $20,410, according to city records. Her campaign had outstanding debts in the form of $7,000.

10. Incumbent Laurene Weste reported $7,146 contributions; she also noted $14,150 in payments made.

Weste has a beginning cash balance of $35,159.84. Her ending cash balance was $28,155.94, with an outstanding debt of $3,000 from a campaign loan.

Weste received $1,000 from Thomas Clark; The Conservation Station also donated $1,000; Boorkfield Los Angeles Builders gave $1,000.

Barry Lee King, who’s listed as a self employed real estate investor, gave $1,000. Louise Arkin gave $500; Charlie Rasmussen of C.A. Rasmussen gave $1,000. The Sanddes Family Trust gave $500, as did local landscape developer Stay Green, and Pacific Coast Civil Inc, an Agoura Hills-based land surveyor.

Weste also received $1,000 from the California Real Estate PAC. 

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Santa Clarita City Council Race '14: Candidates Report Contributions

Article: Santa Clarita City Council Race '14: Candidates Report Contributions
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Perry Smith