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Los Angeles County Probation Department Targets Sex Offenders

On Wednesday May 8th, 2013, the Los Angeles County Probation Department wrapped up the departments biggest Special Enforcement Operation of 2013.

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30 Special Enforcement Officers conducted 137 compliance checks and searches of AB 109 felons with a history of sexual offenses.


The operation, called “Operation Tracker”, lasted three weeks and covered all of Los Angeles County.


During Operation Tracker:


-Children were found in the same residence shared by the offender convicted of sexual offenses against children.


-21 AB 109 probationers were arrested.


-14 computer hard-drives and cell phones were confiscated.


-Heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana were found. As well as a rifle, pepper spray, and a PR22 baton.


Operation Tracker is used by Los Angeles County Probation Department as a way to monitor high-risk sexual offenders.


“According to the risk assessment we conducted on these offenders, more than 61 percent are assessed as high risk or very high risk,” Assistant Chief Margarita Perez said. “Only 1 to 2 percent are low risk offenders. This is contrary to what we often hear in the media indicating these offenders are low risk. That is just not the case.”


Deputy Probation Officer Steve Munguia said, “Operation Tracker has been a great success.”


SEO Deputies conducted a search and evaluation of the AB 109 probationers. They checked their GPS tracking gear to make sure it was working correctly and had not been tampered with.

Operation Tracker is working hard to keep an eye on sexual offenders.



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Los Angeles County Probation Department Targets Sex Offenders

Article: Los Angeles County Probation Department Targets Sex Offenders
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: David Coker