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SCV Outdoor Report

    Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Superhero Trees

    By MRCA Naturalist Carolyn Everhart

    This week’s SCV Outdoor Report draws parallels between trees and superheroes.  Learn the benefits of trees and how tree bark and tree leaves play a role in simple trees being superhero trees.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

    Do you remember playing dodge ball as a kid?  Do you remember ducking and weaving as you tried to avoid the large rubber balls flying at you from every direction?  Or how about hitting baseballs? How long did it take you to learn keep your eye on the ball?  Neuroscientists describe our “ability to select and respond to one sensory stimulus in the presence of distractions” as “selective attention”.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Hitting The Trail With Fido

    Written by MRCA Naturalist Mieko Alley

    Hiking with a partner is more than just good company, it is a time-old understanding between hiking buddies: I will look out for you, you look out for me. This summer, MRCA Rangers have had to make a few unique rescues in Caballero Canyon and Towsley Canyon. Both rescues were a result of a hiking partner not being in touch with the needs of their buddy.

    Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Wendy’s Diner

    This is a "Best of Wendy Langhans" Report

    Restaurant menu’s vary from basic comfort food to fancy signature dishes.  But plain or fancy, most restaurants offers seasonal specials.  Just imagine June without strawberry pie or October without pumpkin pie.  The same is true at Wendy’s Diner, the name we have given to the bird feeders on our front porch.  With the onset of fall in a few weeks, it’s time for a change in the menu.  But what kind of change?

    SCV Outdoor Report: Sitting Duck

    Best Of Wendy Langhans Reports


    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: Secrets In The Scat

    By:  Mieko Alley

    This week’s Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report fills us in on the secret details of scat.  Scat shape and appearance, marking territory, evidence of diet, and are just part of the lessons of scat. So get on out there and see what scat you see while hiking.

    Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Turkey Vulture

    This is a Best of Wendy Langhans Report

    I was sitting on front porch, enjoying an unusually warm January afternoon, when a moving shadow caught my eye.  I looked up and saw an unexpected sight - a Turkey Vulture soaring overhead - so close that I could see the splayed-out feathers on its wing-tips.

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: Blooming Through The Drought

    Introducing Contributing Writer:  Mieko Alley

    As summer temperatures rise, you may be inclined to spend more time inside or drink more water as a response to the heat. Your dog may dig under the house to escape the sun or you may find that your cat has given up his perch on the windowsill. You may even find that your plants are behaving differently!

    Santa Clarita Outdoor Report: Wendy Langhans Says "Good-Bye"

    What a wild ride this has been!

    When Carl Goldman and his son joined me for a Fire Ecology hike in Whitney Canyon in August, 2004, I had no idea it would lead to almost 10 years of sharing stories with you. 

    Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Balancing Act

    Dr. Francis Collins, the currect Director of the NIH, is one of my heroes because he is both a top-notch scientist and a Christian.  I like his perspective on dealing with opposing points of view: “One must dig deeply into opposing points of view in order to know whether your own position remains defensible. Iron sharpens iron.”