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Family Health News

Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour

Are you wondering how you can live a healthier lifestyle without having to pay for an expensive medical consultation?

If you want the best health tips at no cost, tune in to the Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour where he will discuss ways to live a healthier lifestyle. The Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour can be heard Mondays from 11 a.m. to Noon. 

Dr. Thomas Polucki aims to restore body functions as opposed to covering up systems with various medications or surgeries. Dr. Polucki offers unique yet effective consultation that can help balance out your metabolism, rehabilitate from an injury, or even identify where stress is building up within a person.

For the best free health tips make sure to tune in to the Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour on KHTS AM 1220.

    Martial Arts Training Is Super Summer Exercise Fun For Kids, Adults

    Looking for a summer exercise activity for you or your kid? Try martial arts training!

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Martial arts training is excellent exercise for kids of any age this summer. The physical exercise combined with mental discipline can help focus energy and develop healthy life habits that go far beyond self-defense.

    Allergies, Air Quality And Tips For Drug-Free Allergy Relief

    Are you struggling with allergies and want drug-free allergy relief? Dr. Thomas Polucki shares some tips to help you breathe easier naturally.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    The Secret To Happiness, And Why Some People Are Happier Than Others

    Helpful Tips May Help You Find Ways to be Happy, Naturally.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    The secret to happiness is easier to find for some of us, while some of us struggle to find joy in life. 

    One in four Americans is so unhappy, he or she qualifies for diagnosis of a mental illness.

    Stress And Nutrition Tips: What Foods Hurt You? What Foods Help?

    Are your favorite comfort foods actually hurting you by causing hidden stress in your body? What foods can help reduce stress?

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    We know stress is a part of everyday life, but what’s not as well-known is the cause-and-effect relationship between stress and nutrition. 

    More Whole Grains, Is This The Worst Nutritional Advice Ever Given?

    More whole grains, gluten and the worst nutritional advice exposed by functional nutrition expert Dr. Thomas Polucki, Santa Clarita’s Five Star Chiropractor.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    More whole grains may be the worst nutritional advice ever given to the American population.

    We've heard for over 50 years... Eat more whole grains. And why not? Grains are cheap, easy to store and process into just about any type of convenient food like:

    How To Reduce Stress And Minimize Health Risks Naturally, Without Drugs

    Stress-related illness expert reveals lifesaving tips on managing stress through diet and exercise, so you can get a grip on stress before it gets a grip on you. 

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Functional Medicine Expert Shares Overlooked Health Benefits Of Giving

    Dr. Thomas Polucki, top Santa Clarita chiropractor, functional medicine expert, and AM 1220 KHTS’s ‘Family Health Hour’ host, talks about giving in Santa Clarita and feeling good about it.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Can Pets Increase Your Natural Love Drug And Prevent A Heart Attack?

    Dr. Thomas Polucki, top Santa Clarita chiropractor and bio-identical nutrition expert, shares some amazing human health benefits of pet companionship. 

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    How To End Guesswork About Diet, Supplements And Anti-Aging Medicine

    Dr. Thomas Polucki, top Santa Clarita chiropractor and nutrition advisor, shares the secret to never having a question about nutrition again.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Are you frustrated with conflicting information about diet, supplements, weight loss, anti-aging medicines, and confused about how they’re related? 

    Have you ever wondered why a new fad diet hits the headlines every few months or why opinions keep shifting on supplements? 

    Depressed? Don’t Like Anti-Depressant Drugs? Try Natural Alternatives

    Top Santa Clarita chiropractor and nutrition advisor offers effective options for natural drug-free depression relief without potentially dangerous side effects from medications.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    If you are depressed or know someone who suffers from depression, and you don’t like anti-depressant drugs because of the side effects, there are options for natural, drug-free depression relief that can help you feel better both mentally and physically.