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Family Health News

Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour

Are you wondering how you can live a healthier lifestyle without having to pay for an expensive medical consultation?

If you want the best health tips at no cost, tune in to the Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour where he will discuss ways to live a healthier lifestyle. The Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour can be heard Mondays from 11 a.m. to Noon. 

Dr. Thomas Polucki aims to restore body functions as opposed to covering up systems with various medications or surgeries. Dr. Polucki offers unique yet effective consultation that can help balance out your metabolism, rehabilitate from an injury, or even identify where stress is building up within a person.

For the best free health tips make sure to tune in to the Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour on KHTS AM 1220.

    Is Lasting Shoulder Pain Relief Possible Without Drugs Or Surgery?

    Your shoulder pain is trying to tell you to do something about it. Learn how to listen, stay calm and get strategic in your recovery.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    When you have shoulder pain, you will do just about anything to find some relief. But when the anti-inflammatory drugs wear off and you are not impressed with surgery statistics, you may be ready to rethink your approach towards lasting shoulder pain relief.

    Migraine Relief, Chiropractic Lifestyle Choices To Stay Headache Free

    Migraine Relief, When the Magic Pill Just Won’t Work, Try No-Twist-No-Crack Chiropractic.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Migraine relief is why I became a chiropractor, I have enjoyed a headache and drug free lifestyle for the past thirty years. Prior to a no-twisting, no-cracking adjustment to my upper neck when I was 16, I had a migraine, at least once a week, even with prescription medications, my entire life.

    Surviving Cancer: Conventional Treatment Options And Natural Help

    Surviving cancer with conventional, natural or some combination of treatments has a lot to do with your attitude and your new Thriving Lifestyle Choices

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Surviving cancer with conventional treatment options with or without natural help depends largely on:

    1. The patient’s commitment to survive;

    Food Allergies, Inflammation, Detoxification and…Chiropractic?

    An expert in physical medicine explains the connection between chiropractic care and food allergies, and what you need to know for lasting relief.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki 

    Food allergy warning: If you suffer with or suspect food allergies, you’ll want to know how inflammation, detoxification, processed foods, antibiotics and glyphosate are keeping you from getting better. 

    Tips To Breathe Easier Naturally When Air Quality Index Is Unhealthy

    A Look at Natural Ways to Breathing Easier When Heat and Wildfire Smoke Make Air Quality Bad

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    Try A New, Non-Surgical Drug-Free Option For Shoulder Pain Relief

    Santa Clarita’s Five-Star Chiropractor Has a Natural Solution to Treat Shoulder Pain

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    Relationship Stress? Pain Is A Symptom, Communication Is Key To Health

    Can better communication reduce relationship stress? Dr. Thomas Polucki, Santa Clarita’s Five Star Chiropractor, has the secret to healthy relationships.

    Seven Natural Solutions That Work For Many Health Challenges

    What is your biggest health challenge? Obesity? Headaches? Insomnia? Indigestion? Low Energy? 

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    Get The Skinny On Belly Fat, Core Exercise, Diet And Aging Hormones

    Wonder how your bathing suit shrank over the winter? Find out why, and what to do about it.

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki

    Essential core exercises that focus on the abdomen and lower back, even when combined with riskier starvation diets, may not be enough to get rid of that stubborn belly fat – the extra weight that just won’t go away.

    Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Stubborn Fat, Obesity And Diabetes

    You may be addicted to sugar and not even know it. Stubborn fat, obesity and diabetes are avoidable if you make a few simple diet and lifestyle changes. 

    By Dr. Thomas Polucki