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Health and Beauty brought to you by Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.

    Health And Beauty Tips, Chemical Peels And Your Skin

    By: Rosemary Murphy, Beyond Harmony Med Spa

    Chemical peels can vastly improve the appearance of most people’s skin. If you’ve ever had a sunburn and peeled, you are halfway to understanding the principle of chemical peels. They vary according to their specific ingredients and strengths and you should always consult a skin care professional in choosing which are best for you.

    Henry Mayo Offers Postpartum Support Group For Moms

    Henry Mayo Offers Postpartum Support Group for Moms: Mommy Time Provides Moms a Safe, Comfortable Forum

    Childbirth, and the feelings experienced with the birth of a new baby, are often the most memorable a mother can experience. And while some new mothers easily adjust to their new role, for others the experience can sometimes be overwhelming.

    Henry Mayo Takes FASTER Approach To Improve Breast Cancer Treatment

    Santa Clarita Valley Hospital Radiation Oncologists Seek Ideal Candidates for Clinical Trial: Women 45 and Older with Breast Implants and Stage 1 Diagnosis

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    A Colonoscopy Can Add Years To Your Life Says Henry Mayo Cancer Expert

    Hospital Addresses Many Patients’ Reluctance to Having the Life-Saving Procedure, Stresses Importance of Early Detection to Survive Colorectal Cancer

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center Goes For The Pink In October

    ‘Pink Ribbon Month’ Brings Mammogram Discounts at SRVBIC, Breast Cancer Awareness Events for Santa Clarita Valley Women

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    Henry Mayo Pharmacy Manager Offers Tips On Medications And Safety






    Following Dosing Instructions and Keeping Meds from Theft are Keys to Medication Safety

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    When used as directed, the medications our doctors prescribe or we buy over the counter are supposed to be safe. However, when used incorrectly, either by mistake or abuse, medications of any kind can turn deadly.

    Infection Prevention A Priority At Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital

    Hand Washing is the No. 1 Way to Fight Infections, Inside and Outside Any Hospital

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    Beyond Harmony Med Spa Uses Ultrasound Skin Treatment

    By Rosemary Murphy, LE

    The use of Ultrasound therapy in skin care is becoming very popular in the spa for all of the benefits it offers to all skin types and conditions. The procedure is done during a regular facial and can assist the esthetician in many different applications.

    Henry Mayo Emergency Department: Behind The Scenes With An ER Doctor

    Emergency Department attending physician provides virtual visit to Valencia hospital’s state-of-the-art ER, where the action is

    By Stephen K. Peeples

    Henry Mayo Leads In Spine Surgery, Joint Replacement, Pain Management

    Valencia Hospital Provides Quality Orthopedic Care and Hometown Convenience for Santa Clarita Valley Patients

    By Stephen K. Peeples