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Renowned Musician To Visit Peachland Elementary School Classroom

Randy Ellis, a renowned jazz artist, is scheduled to visit a third grade classroom at Peachland Avenue Elementary School Tuesday, Newhall School District officials announced Friday.

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Ellis, who has played, toured and recorded for approximately 15 years with popular artists like Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Prince, the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, will talk to an estimated 80 students about jazz and the opportunities his musical background has given him, as well as perform jazz music for them, according to a news release by Newhall School District. Randy Ellis

“He’s coming to inspire them, to give them resources, to be able to understand that their dream can come true if music is an interest to them,” said Jamie Collins, office manager at Peachland. “Music is a high priority for Newhall School District and this is something that could be a career opportunity for them.”

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Ellis currently has a daughter in the third grade at Peachland, and after the school’s music teacher learned that he was an accomplished musician, he was invited to visit, said school officials.

“We’re really excited to bring him to the kids, allow them to see music firsthand from one of our parents and just give them the opportunity to realize that this person has made their dream come true loving music and making a career out of it,” Collins said.

His musical career began in the fourth grade, an experience which would shape the rest of his career path, school district officials said.

A few of Ellis’ accomplishments include playing for President Barack Obama three times, traveling to 33 countries to play for various dignitaries, playing in “The Tonight Show” band and working as an elementary school music teacher, high school choir director and assistant band director.

Ellis is scheduled to visit Peachland Elementary from 11:35 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Tuesday.

For more information about Peachland Avenue Elementary School, click here.

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Renowned Musician To Visit Peachland Elementary School Classroom

Article: Renowned Musician To Visit Peachland Elementary School Classroom
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Melissa Lampert