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Editorial: Hybrid Homeschooling, Becoming A Viable Option

With so many new developments in the homeschool world and an increasing demand for people who want to homeschool, but can’t do so full-time, hybrid schooling has become a viable option for many.  We believe it to be the best of all educational worlds.

“ It is basically a continuation of the individualized education plan for each student, as we have in the homeschool world, but it is done by sometimes ‘outsourcing’ certain subjects to people you can trust in a small class environment”, said Learn Beyond The Book founder Elmarie Hyman.

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Parents don’t always feel up to the task of effectively teaching certain subjects and then they are looking for someone who is an expert in that field. 

“Maybe you don’t know Spanish, but would love your child to know it. Now you have the option of taking a Spanish class from a native speaker.  How about Lego Robotics or Video Game Design, Programming or Sewing?  Or maybe even just Math or Writing? At Learn Beyond The Book, you can sign up for all these as well as other core and enrichment classes, all in one convenient location in the heart of Santa Clarita.  Take as many classes as your child needs.  If you work a day or two during the week, they could take classes for the day and you can be sure they are learning in a safe environment while you are working”, added Hyman.

The owner and CEO who also teaches there, has homeschooled all 4 of her children, with the oldest just graduating. She has learned the benefits of having her children in classes with other trustworthy teachers over the years as she was making sure all 4 kids’ educational needs were being addressed.  She also understands the need for socialization. 

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“That is why Learn Beyond The Book also offers great social clubs and fieldtrips”, concluded Hyman.  If you are new to the world of homeschooling, Learn Beyond The Book is also a source of resources and information for parents, so feel free to stop by and come meet some great friends.

Elmarie Hyman is the owner and founder of Learn Beyond the Book and can be reached at

Editorial: Hybrid Homeschooling, Becoming A Viable Option

Article: Editorial: Hybrid Homeschooling, Becoming A Viable Option
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Newsroom