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Valencia Vandalism, Burglary Suspect Due Back In Court Next Month


A Santa Clarita teen suspected in separate burglary and vandalism cases is being held at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, with a Dec. 4 court date, according to Sheriff’s Department arrest records.

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Jake Heffernan, 19, of Valencia, was taken into custody Nov. 25, after a neighbor reported discovering a man, allegedly Heffernan, in her home, stealing alcohol.

He’s being held in lieu of $175,000 bail for charges related to a pair of crimes that occurred on the 28000 block of Liana Lane in Valencia.

The circumstances of this latest charge, considered a “hot prowl burglary” because a person was home during the alleged crime, carries a minimum sentence in state prison, according to a deputy district attorney.

“(The crime) would be considered first degree burglary with person present,” said Sera Boyajian, deputy district attorney for the District Attorney’s Office. “That makes it a violent felony and that makes it minimum of two years (in state prison).”

According to the complaint leveled at Heffernan: “It is further alleged that the above offense is a serious felony, violent felony or an offense requiring registration pursuant to Penal Code section 290(C), and that prison custody time for the above offense is to be served in state prison pursuant to Penal Code section 1170(h)(3).”

It’s the second time Heffernan has been accused of a crime in the last two months, according to Sheriff’s Department arrest records.

Sheriff’s Station officials put out a broadcast that they were looking for a suspect matching Heffernan’s approximate description shortly before 4:30 p.m.

Heffernan, who lives in the Northpark neighborhood where both crimes occurred, also was arraigned Nov. 6 on six charges, which were brought by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, following an investigation by Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies.

“There were three vehicles that were tagged by the defendant, and the damage was at a felony level,” said Mykka Piantanida, deputy district attorney, regarding the earlier allegation. “And so for a felony charge, the damage or cost to clean up the vandalism has to be more than $400.”

There was also three misdemeanor charges were related to graffiti found on three houses near the cars, Piantanida said, adding that the felony charges were a result of the damages there being less significant.

Heffernan is due in court Jan. 14 to answer to the vandalism charge.

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Valencia Vandalism, Burglary Suspect Due Back In Court Next Month

Article: Valencia Vandalism, Burglary Suspect Due Back In Court Next Month
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Perry Smith