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Castaic Lake Water Agency Awarded Transparency Certificate Of Excellece

A “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence” has been awarded to the Castaic Lake Water Agency of Santa Clarita in appreciation of their achievement in promoting transparency and good political practice to the public.

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This award was presented by the Special District Leadership Foundation, which is dedicated to greatness in local governments.

“It is about the public. I have always supported transparency. It’s consistent with our intent and actions in being responsible to the public,” said CLWA General Manager Dan Masnada. “We want to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation for who we are.”

Masnada explained that the award positively highlighted the agency since many people are unaware of public agencies until something goes wrong.

There are eight different fundamental governance transparency requirements that have to be successfully met before this award is given.

They include organizing ethics training for all board members, filing financial transactions and compensation reports to the state punctually and managing open and public meetings.

Additionally, there are 15 website requirements that the CLWA completed, which include accessible information to the public. Information such as agendas, current budget, financial audit and past minutes are among those disclosed to the community.

The agency had to also display outreach to its constituents involving the public in its governance, through newsletters, special community engagement projects and a community transparent review.

“Agency staff is to be commended for its contributions that empower the public with information and facilitate engagement and oversight,” Masnada said.

The award was given by the SDLF, an independent nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting good governance and the best practices throughout California’s special districts with certification, accreditation and other recognition programs.

Masnada explained that the award began as a “result of negative activity provided the opportunity for special districts to demonstrate their transparency.”

The CLWA Secretary April Jacobs pulled together the documentation eligible for the award.


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About the Castaic Lake Water Agency:

Santa Clarita Valley’s public water wholesaler. The CLWA is one of 29 State Water Project contractors. The water is imported from northern California and Kern County through the California Aqueduct. Their mission is to provide reliable, quality water at affordable prices to the Santa Clarita Valley. Visit their website for additional information.

Castaic Lake Water Agency Awarded Transparency Certificate Of Excellece

Article: Castaic Lake Water Agency Awarded Transparency Certificate Of Excellece
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Jeanina Joseph