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Canyon Country Bank Robbery Suspects To Get Day In Court In October

The trial for three alleged members of the Rolling 40s Crips gang accused of robbing a Canyon Country bank was continued once again, with a trial expected to start at the end of October.

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Phillip Ely, Lavelle Mosley and Terion Lamarr Collins, all of Los Angeles, stand charged in the “flying cash pursuit,” a televised September 2012 car chase in that picked up regional media attention.

Four men robbed a bank around 10 a.m., led Sheriff’s Department deputies on a chase from Canyon Country to downtown Los Angeles and then threw cash from the car, bringing midday traffic to a grinding halt.

The three are accused of seven felony counts, including second degree robbery, kidnapping to commit another crime, unlawfully taking a vehicle and evading an officer against traffic, according to a criminal complaint.

A fourth suspect escaped the vehicle during the pursuit while it coursed through the 210 Freeway in Sylmar.

The suspects are accused of helping to further Rolling 40s Crips activity with the robbery, a special allegation that lengthens a potential sentence if a conviction is warranted.

“It was set for trial, and (defense attorney) Tracy Grayson filed a motion to continue and it was granted, with the agreement that it would start (Oct. 30),” said Moira Curry, deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County.

Judge David Gelfound found there was enough evidence linking the suspects to the Canyon Country robbery to prompt the defendants to stand trial March 20.

Even without that charge though, due to their past records, Collins is facing a maximum of 42 years, and Ely and Mosley are facing at least 20-plus years, she said.

The defense has not approached Curry for a plea deal, and one has not been offered, she said.

The fourth suspect has been identified by law enforcement officials, but there was insufficient evidence to link him to the robbery.

The trial has been slowed by numerous delays, namely several attempts by the defendants to get rid of their court-appointed attorneys, as well as instances where the bank robbery suspects have refused to follow the advice of their defense attorneys.

Collins briefly hired Chistopher Darden, a prosecutor during the famous O.J. Simpson murder trial, when he infamously asked Simpson to try on the bloody glove.

There has been no plea deal offered on this matter, and none has been sought, according to officials.

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Canyon Country Bank Robbery Suspects To Get Day In Court In October

Article: Canyon Country Bank Robbery Suspects To Get Day In Court In October
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Perry Smith