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Assemblyman Scott Wilk Discusses Affordable Care Act In Weekly Update

California Assemblyman Scott Wilk gave his weekly updates about the legislature from Sacramento on Tuesday, July 1.

There are two town hall meetings coming up. The first one will be on July 25 in Simi Valley and the second will be on July 30 in Santa Clarita.

A recent debate was focused on the Affordable Care Act. On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

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The Affordable Care Act is intended to lower the costs of healthcare by increasing the affordability and health insurance coverage rate for individuals and the government. It also requires most United States citizens to have health insurance.

“We at the state level are still tweaking things,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

The law is still pretty unclear because the government continues to make changes that they do not understand.

“The ACA, it’s very complicated the whole health care delivery system, to me is like a giant rubik’s cube and every piece has to fit into place perfectly,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

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Assembly Bill 880, was largely debated on the floor by the majority because it was primarily aimed at Walmart. This bill makes large employers pay a penalty if they do not offer a form of health care, such as Medi-Cal, for their employees. AB-880 was voted down.

Enterprise Zones were eliminated by the Assembly Bill 93 that was passed on June 27. Enterprise Zones have been in effect for 30 years when they were created by the State of California to give tax incentives to businesses. There are 42 zones in the state to promote investment, development and growth. Taxpayers can invest and may be eligible for tax incentives.

Eliminating these Enterprise Zones by AB-93 has become a major concern for employers because it provided so many jobs and tax credits.

“The governor has always wanted to get rid of it and what he did, he did it in a divide and conquer strategy,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

The bill was debated on the floor four times and changed many opinions. The California Chamber of Commerce was opposed to the bill at the beginning of the meeting, and by the end they were neutral. The California Manufacturing and Technology Association opposed it at the beginning, but were in support of the bill by the meetings ended.

For current information about our state government, tune into Assemblyman Scott Wilk’s weekly updates every Wednesday at 5:10 p.m.

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Discusses Affordable Care Act In Weekly Update

Article: Assemblyman Scott Wilk Discusses Affordable Care Act In Weekly Update
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Rachael DiCicco