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Sacramento Road Trip - Lobbying Items - COC

College of the Canyons
Budget Concerns for 2008/09

2008-09 Budget

  •   Community colleges have been earmarked for a cut of $292 million.  
  •   That equals a $1.5 million loss for College of the Canyons.
  •    The governor’s proposed budget would hold enrollment growth to 1 percent instead of funding true demand.  College of the Canyons grew 15% in 2007-08.
  •   The proposal, in its current form, cuts operating revenue for the college which could result in fewer classes being offered during 2008-09 and limiting access for students who need classes to advance in their jobs, earn new jobs, or who need specific classes to transfer to 4-year schools.

Education provided by community colleges and College of the Canyons is critical

  •   Community Colleges are the largest provider of workforce training in California. In 2006/07, College of the Canyons served 467 employers and helped train 800 employees through its Employee Training Institute (ETI) through our Center for Applied Competitive Technology (CACT)
  •   Northern Los Angeles County, which represents just over 5% of the county’s total population, created 15.8% of all new jobs in 2006.
  •   More than 62 percent of our local high school graduates attend College of the Canyons because we are the most affordable, high quality way for them to get higher education, transfer or to go out into the workforce.
  •    80 percent of firefighters, law enforcement officers and EMTs are credentialed at community colleges.  More than 130 students graduated with A.A. degrees from College of the Canyons in those 3 fields in 2006-07.
  •    39 colleges in the California Community College System administer Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) academies.  The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department North Academy is located at the College of the Canyons Valencia Campus and the college provides in-service training to the Los Angeles Police Department.
  •   64 California community colleges have fire technology programs for training firefighters. College of the Canyons has a fire technology program and a facility in the Val Verde area for practical, in-service training for hundreds of Los Angeles city and county firefighters.
  •    70 percent of the nurses in California received their education from a California community college.  College of the Canyons has one of the leading nursing programs in California.  It is so well regarded that over the last several years, waiting lists have been from several months to several years to gain access to the program.
  •    The CSU and UC systems have announced that they will likely have to turn away students in record numbers due to budget shortfalls. This will put more pressure on the community colleges to serve more students.