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The Real Side - December 19, 2012

Guest: Brad Dacus

Topic: Hey whaddaya know?! The Constitution is Constitutional!

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The Real Side on December 19, 2012

 Today’s topic: “Hey whaddaya know?! The Constitution is Constitutional!”

 On today’s Real Side, host Joe Messina and guest Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute, discussed the recent ruling about handing out the Constitution on Constitution Day in front of a library. Here is a brief glimpse of the beginning portion of December 19th show of The Real Side.

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“Welcome back to another hour of sanity right here on the real side, not the wrong side, not the right side, but the Real Side. I am your host Joe Messina, and thank you, thank you, thank you for spending your afternoon with me. I really do appreciate the time you spend with. Remember to hop onto the chat room at, that is You will find the chat room, you can check out the classic podcasts, and check out the blog stories. The other thing you can do there, which I have not mentioned in a while, is check out a blog on how to send a package to soldiers because that is what you want to do in order to remind the young men and women serving our country that they are not forgotten. It does not cost much, just a few dollars, skip a lunch or breakfast and put some of that extra change in your pocket and click on the link posted on my website. Send these young men and women some Christmas, Hanukah, or just some holiday cheer! We need to let them know that they are still present in our hearts, and in our minds while we enjoy being free in this country, while they are overseas fighting for that same kind of freedom for others. Like I said you are listening to the Real Side, not the right side, not the wrong side, but the Real Side. Real talk, real words, and no “political stuff”. I try and keep it easy for all of us. . .”

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This was just a glimpse inside the Real Side, not the right side, not the wrong side, but THE REAL SIDE. The Real Side with Joe Messina airs on your Hometown Station AM-1220 KHTS everyday from 2-3pm.

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