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SCV Latino Chamber of Commerce - February 6, 2013

Guest: Carlos Villalobos- Carlos Villalobos Insurance; Errol Valladares- Keller WIlliams Estate

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 Santa Clarita Valley Latino Chamber of Commerce on February 6, 2013

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Hosts Bill Miranda and Patsy Ayala talk with Carlos Villalobos of Villalobos Insurance. Villalobos Insurance provides you with quotes, files claims, and changes policies conveniently online! Visit Villalobos Insurance at Patsy takes a trip to Mexico and talks about her experience. She keeps in touch with the show through the phone and stays in touch with the community. Bill tries to highlight lessons and challenges that make people successful, ‘When there is a will, there is a way.” Carlos talks about his life and goals that has made him successful. He started back in 1981, working in the restaurant business. I was tired of working in the restaurant business. I applied to sell insurance from that day and stayed in this field work to this day. I went from door to door selling disability insurance and 1989 joined Farmers insurance, but retired from it to become more successful as an independent insurance agent. His wife supports him whole heartedly no matter what. Carlos takes joy in his work and it has become his passion and fuel to success. At the moment of the truth, when you really need it, you have to make sure it works. A lot of Latinos don’t buy life insurance according to Carlos and he wants to make sure that everyone knows the importance of insurance. “We insure your families future since 1981.”


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Carlos is originally from Argentina and was 5 years old when he came into America with his family. He was in Peru and had to spend the night due to an earthquake on the way to the United States. Due to an asthma attack, he had to stay in a Children’s Hospital for 4 months. Carlos has obtained a dual citizenship since then and is extremely grateful for his family and the great opportunity that this country has given him. He goes back and visits Argentina every now and then. When Carlos sold debit life insurance, he dealt with low income families and provided them with life insurance through tough times, ever since then it has become a tremendous experience and a great stepping stone that got him to where he is today.

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