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Wilk Weekly Update - May 29, 2013

Every Wednesday at 5:10 p.m. Assemblyman Scott Wilk, 38th Assembly District will keep us up to date on all latest news in Sacramento and how it impacts our Santa Clarita Valley.

Topic: House of origin deadline, Boys and Girls Club Auction, and the Chloride Open House.

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Hear all of Scott Wilk's Weekly Updates here!

Wilk Weekly Update - May 29, 2013


Assemblyman Scott Wilk  on The House Of Origin Deadline...


“I know this week is what is called the House Of Origin Deadline, that’s when all the non fiscal bills have to be heard then reported to their house of origin, so tell us about that”  Today we voted on 103 bills today.


Listen to all of what Assemblyman Wilk had to say on the subject by listening to the whole podcast.

The SCV Boys And Girls Club Is Holding An Auction...

This weekend the SCV Boys and Girls club is having their Rock On! 42nd Annual Benefit Auction.  “The Boys and girls club is a very important organization in our community and really makes a big difference.”  There are also talks on passing legislation to make it possible to owning a boys and girls club license plate, and the proceeds for that would go to the organization.  


Listen to the podcast or read a related story: Santa Clarita Valley Boys And Girls Club Gears Up For Annual Auction

Assembly Scott Wilk talks about signing up for his newsletters.   

Stay informed by following State Assembly member through his e-mail, twitter and facebook feed.  

Assembly Scott Wilk on the Chloride Open House...

There is a public hearing on Saturday June 15 at the Santa Clarita Activity Center.  We will be taking testimony from government agency, we will also open it up for public testimony to become informed about the issue.   we are hoping to come out of this with legislative remedies that could help.  

You can learn more a bout this issue by listening to the whole podcast or reading a related story: Wilk, Knight Ask State For More Time On Chloride Issue



Make sure to tune into Wilk Weekly Update every Wednesday 5:10 p.m. on KHTS AM 1220 giving you the latest news in Sacramento and how it impacts our Santa Clarita Valley.


Hear all of Scott Wilk's Weekly Updates here!

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Wilk Weekly Update - May 29, 2013

Article: Wilk Weekly Update - May 29, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Alan Lewis