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Wilk Weekly Update - May 15, 2013

Every Wednesday at 5:10 p.m. Assemblyman Scott Wilk, 38th Assembly District will keep us up to date on all latest news in Sacramento and how it impacts our Santa Clarita Valley.

Topic: Governor May Revise, 36 empty bills, AB 806, and Chloride issue.

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Wilk Weekly Update - May 15, 2012

Assemblyman Scott Wilk on the May Revise...

“The thing that I was most encouraged about is the Governor was realistic in terms of the amount of projected revenue,” Wilk said. “We have had a spike this first quarter, we were about 4.6 billion over expected and I think that people were changing their behavior because of the tax changes at the federal level so I think it was an artificial bump and he acknowledges that and moving forward wants to be prudent with it.”

Listen to what else Wilk has to say about the revise or read the original story: State, Santa Clarita Valley Officials Voice Opinions On May Revise

Assemblyman Scott Wilk the 36 empty budget bills...

“This week there were 36 bills that were on the floor of the assembly that were ‘budget bills’ and they contained no information,” Wilk said. “What’s going to happen is, instead of having budget hearings, what they are going to do last minute is insert all of these and require us to vote on it without having read it. That’s not the democratic process, that’s not democratic values and I find it offensive that they are going to try and do the budget that way.”

Listen to all of what Assemblyman Wilk had to say on the subject by listening to the whole podcast.

Assembly Scott Wilk on AB 806...

“Today was a disappointing day because AB 806 would actually improve students acceptance at the community college level by changing a 54 year old law. It would give more flexibility to community colleges to take care students and their counseling needs.”

Listen to the podcast or read a related story:  Wilk Sponsors Bill To Add Community College Counselors

Assembly Scott Wilk on Chloride...

“The fact of the matter is that our chloride levels are too high because of the water that we have to import on the state water projects,” Wilk stated. “If Sacramento would have done the work that they were supposed to have done we would not have a chloride problem.”

Read a related story here: Sanitation District Officials Challenge Precedent For Chloride Mandates

Make sure to tune into Wilk Weekly Update every Wednesday 5:10 p.m. on KHTS AM 1220 giving you the latest news in Sacramento and how it impacts our Santa Clarita Valley.

Hear all of Scott Wilk's Weekly Updates here!

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Wilk Weekly Update - May 15, 2013

Article: Wilk Weekly Update - May 15, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings