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The Rock With Barry McKeever - May 12, 2013

Host: Barry McKeever

Topic: Motherhood

Guests: Melissa Bauer

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Airing Sundays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.Barry McKeever brings you Inspirational Music and Local Christian Talk onThe Rock.

The Rock with Barry McKeever - May 12, 2013


Melissa Bauer From Church On The Way Talks On Motherhood...


    Welcome to The Rock, Right here on Santa Clarita’s Hometown Station, AM 1220 KHTS.  I am your Host Barry Mckeever, here to give you inspirational music and local christian talk.  Happy Mothers day out there to all you moms.  We are Talking to you about Motherhood today and our guest is Melissa Bauer, a mother and Pastor at Santa Clarita’s Church On The Way along with her husband Brian Bauer.  Melissa also teaches at King’s Seminary and Life Pacific College.  After my her and her husband got their masters degree they started their family.  They currently have three children and a fourth one on the way.    

    It is amazing about how society changes.   Isn’t it weird that when you say you are having four kids that people say “WOW” that’s a lot.  It is sad that the american lifestyle is being centered away from the family within the last 50 years.  Well people are thinking that having multiple children means multiple times and money that lots of people just don’t have.  People want to get everything out of what they can out of their child, like baseball and vacation and all of this can be exhausting.  

    You learn in a large family that you have a lot more independence, but when you have one or two children they are much more catered to.  

    There are special challenges that mothers have, there is something mothers have that fathers can’t provide.  As a father it is difficult to b\provide that nurturing that only a mother can provide.  

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The Rock With Barry McKeever - May 12, 2013

Article: The Rock With Barry McKeever - May 12, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Alan Lewis