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The Real Side - March 12, 2013

Guest: Gene Hoffman, The Cal Guns Foundation
Topic:  Gun Control

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The Real Side withJoe Messina. Monday - Friday from 2-3pm. Cutting through the political spin with real facts, real talk and real issues. It's not the right side, not the wrong side, it's The Real Side.

The Real Side - March 12, 2013

First up: Joe’s unique perspective on current news and events. Joe comments on the money being cut back on college tuition for military veterans. As you can imagine if you’ve listened to Joe for even a little while, this irritates Joe- why do people who come to this country illegally continue to receive education benefits, but those who have fought for our country get the shaft?

Joe also briefly previews an upcoming piece he’s working on about climate change. He found articles  from the 1960’s talking about global COOLING going on at that time. Are the changes in climate natural and cyclical? Stay tuned to future shows to find out more.

In sadder news, a 6 month old girl and her father were shot in Chicago, one of the cities with the toughest gun laws in the country. The father was changing the baby’s diaper in his car when they were shot in the vehicle. According to police, the father “is known to have gang affiliations.” No one is in custody in the shooting, and police are still investigating. Why does this happen in a city with strong gun laws? Chicago is on its way to nearly 600 homicides by gun this year, according to projections.

Next, Joe’s guest- Gene Hoffman, from the Cal Guns Foundation, helps Joe understand gun terminology. What’ makes a gun an assault rifle? Assault rifles are actual medium calibre weapons, but assault WEAPONS are a term often used to demonize guns and their supporters. Joe and Gene round out the hour continuing to talk about gun control and gun culture.

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