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The Real Side - February 19, 2013

Guest: Kristan Hawkins – Exec. Director of Students for Life

Topic: Students for Life? Are high School and college kids really changing their viewpoint on abortion to be more pro-life?

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The Real Side with Joe Messina airs on AM-1220 KHTS Monday through Friday from 2pm-3pm. Not the right side, not the wrong side, it’s The Real Side with Joe Messina.

Here is an excerpt from today’s show!

Welcome to another hour of sanity right here on The Real Side.  Not the right side not the wrong side, it’s the Real Side and I am your host Joe Messina. 

President’s Day was yesterday and I got to sit back and watch Facebook and a few other things that were going on. It didn’t really seem like anyone was celebrating President’s Day.

It’s not just a Bar-b-que day, not an extra day at the beach, but it could be a little learning lesson for your kids.

Anyway, is this repeated violence in schools making our kids and our parents much more anxious? If you have kids how do you feel about dropping your kids off at school now? We’ll have guests to get more insight on that.

Today we have Kristan Hawkins the Exec. Director of Students for Life. I always thought that the youth in this country didn’t really much care about these things. But I am finding out from some of the articles that her group has put out that there is a turn among the youth in this country.

There is a turn in the colleges and the high schools against abortion. So I thought this was pretty cool and I thought we should bring her on to discuss it. With the recent 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade behind us and Kristan is talking about taking on our youth…

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