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The Real Side - April 5, 2013

Host: Joe Messina

Guest: Vassula Ryden, author of “Heaven is Real But So is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come”

Topic: Why the new Pope matters to EVERYONE

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The Real Side withJoe Messina. Monday - Friday from 2-3pm. Cutting through the political spin with real facts, real talk and real issues. It's not the right side, not the wrong side, it's The Real Side.

The Real Side with Joe Messina - April 5, 2013

“Our world is in a state of crisis – war, natural disaster, financial meltdowns, terrorism and more – and it’s happening for a reason; God is trying tell us something,” says Vassula Ryden, author of “Heaven is Real But So is Hell".

According to Wikipedia, Vassula Ryden “is a controversial Christianmystic living inSwitzerland who professes to receive messages fromJesus Christ andThe Virgin Mary. She has Greek parents but she was born in Egypt. She had been a professional tennis player and a model.”

Ryden’s new book
Heaven is Real But So is Hell, takes the reader into the supernatural world where she has experienced the hidden forces that affect every moment of our lives. It features her amazing encounters with both good and evil forces and reveals profoundly important messages for all humanity, largely hidden until now. Sometimes harrowing, but filled with hope, it answers many of the questions that people have been asking for thousands of years and at the same time offers a glimpse into God's love and justice, and of what is soon to come. Ryden, who is based in Greece, has spoken in 79 countries to millions of people. Heaven is Real But So is Hell is her first book release in America.

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