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The Real Side - April 4, 2013

Host: Joe Messina

Guest: David Brayton

Topic: Do you REALLY have any gun rights?

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The Real Side with Joe Messina. Monday - Friday from 2-3pm. Cutting through the political spin with real facts, real talk and real issues. It's not the right side, not the wrong side, it's The Real Side.

The Real Side with Joe Messina - April 4, 2013

You won't believe what happened to David Brayton when he was wrongfully arrested in LA County for lawfully carrying a concealed weapon (when it wasn't illegal!)

From David’s Facebook, in his own words:

“On Aug. 3, 2011, five months before California AB 144 was in effect, I was shopping with my 10 year old son. On the way home, while waiting at a stop light, a LA County Sheriff pulled alongside our car. As I glanced over, I saw the Deputy jump sort of startled, as if he recognized me. He immediately turned on his lights and pulled behind us, to stop us. I removed my gun from my holster and laid it on the transmission hump. Two deputies approached my vehicle. One on my son’s side and the other approached my window.

One officer asked me “What was that ‘thing’ on my back license plate?” I asked “The back-up camera?” He then said “You know your windows are tinted right?” At that point I stopped him and told him “Before you go any further I need to tell you that I am a 2nd amendment open carry guy and I have my gun right here.” He said “YOU HAVE A GUN?”  I repeated myself and  as he seemed to be feigning surprise he told me to get out of the car.”

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