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The Real Side - April 11, 2013

Host: Joe Messina

Guests: David A. Bego

Topic: Right to work states and “The Devil At Our Doorstep”

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The Real Side withJoe Messina. Monday - Friday from 2-3pm. Cutting through the political spin with real facts, real talk and real issues. It's not the right side, not the wrong side, it's The Real Side.

The Real Side with Joe Messina - April 11, 2013

Joe Messina was back at it again on this Thursday afternoon. And he started by talking about several issues going on around the United States.

He started with a story about political correctness from Phoenix, Arizona about issues with life guards.

Someone came out and said that there are too many white lifeguards and most of the kids swimming in the pools are black and hispanic. The individual said that there is a trust issue for the kids swimming. Listen to the whole story and Joe’s take on it by listening to the whole podcast.

David Bego who is the author of “The Devil On Our Doorstep” also joined The Real Side with Joe Messina to discuss union influence and right to work states.

Joe said there are all kinds of things going on in the country with business to employee relations.

David Bego and Joe talked about Obamacare and how companies could adjust their business.

David Bego believes that the country may tank when they realize what is going to happen.

“People are going to realize that they may lose their job or they are going to have their hours cut,” David Bego said. “People are going to either lose their jobs or they’re going to be too afraid to spend money and it will be extremely bad for this economy.”

That is just a little of what they talked about be sure to listen to the whole podcasts!

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