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Power Woman Business Center - April 9, 2013

Hosts: Patricia Gracia and Bill Miranda

Guest: Gloria Mercado-Fortine, Bruce Fortine and Rocio Montagner.

Topic: Gloria Mercado-Fortine’s running for city council for the City of Santa Clarita and ProEquities, Inc.

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Second Tuesday of the month at 10am! Patricia Gracia and Bill Miranda help you be successful in your business, on Power Women Business Center. "You have the vision we add the power!"

Power Woman Business Center - April 9, 2013

Patricia Gracia and Bill Miranda we back this month to talk about important things going on in the Santa Clarita Valley. An important thing that will be happening in the near future is the elections for the City Council.

One of the future candidates is Gloria Mercado-Fortine and she was on the Power Woman Business Show. Gloria Mercado-Fortine talked about why she thought she was a good candidate for city council.

“I am very passionate about the City of Santa Clarita,” Gloria said.

Bruce Fortine, who was recently featured as a Mercedes Benz of Valencia Unsung Hero here on AM 1220 KHTS, also joined the program to talk about Gloria running for the city council.

“Gloria has the time, energy and passion to run for City Council,” Bruce said. “In the past it didn’t seem right but now it’s her time.”

Rocio Montagner who is a Financial Advisor at ProEquities also joined the program to talk about the goings on in her world. She recently stepped down as the Antelope Valley Latino Chamber of Commerce and she is trying to grow her business as a Financial Advisor and Insurance agent.

Rocio specializes in retirement and she shared a stunning statistic, everyday 10,000 people turn 60 years old. Retirement is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Rocio specifically said that women need to especially be aware of their financial future.

“Women on average live 8 years longer than men and most people in nursing homes are woman,” Rocio said. “I urge woman who would normally do it to get involved in your family’s finances because you need to prepare for your future.”

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