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Mind Your Own Business - March 29, 2013

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Mind Your Own Business with Doug and Ed Airs every Friday from 1pm-2pm on your Hometown Station AM 1220 KHTS

Join Doug Sutton, owner of the Valley Publications, and Ed Bernstein, of 25 Score, as they discuss ways to help your business and interview local entrepreneurs and small businesses from the Santa Clarita Valley.


Mind Your Own Business with Doug and Ed- March 29, 2013

So as you guys hopefully remember, we have been having a wild and rocky past couple weeks lately. Ed has been gone, then Doug, and even T. Lo has been gone. We have been swapping in stand-in hosts and whatnot, and it has been kinda hectic. We are glad to have us all back together and a family. Speaking of whatnot, what on earth do we have in store for this show today? Well, we have a caller. Who could be calling us right now? We may actually have the Israeli President on the line. Yes it is true, The President of Israel is on the line, telling us about new deals at the hottest yogurt facility on the planet. That’s right, Planet Yogurt. Planet Yogurt is offering a blazing new deal this weekend, where if you bring in your G.I Joe movie ticket (which premieres today you guys) management will give you a 25% off discount off their already insanely cheap yogurt.

Now we have Susie Szabo who is the President of the OTNA. Stands for the Old Town Newhall Association. OTNA is always doing new things centered around the revitalization of our community and we also do fun events with the city.

Next we have Zayne Rose. Zayne is a veteran of the radio industry, first dipping his feet into the airwaves in 1987 as a DJ and now working as a middleman for advertisers and radio stations. Zane grew up in Southern Oklahoma and now wears a bathrobe daily.

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