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Mind Your Own Business - February 15, 2013

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Welcome to Mind Your Won Business With Doug Sutton and Ed Bernstein, right here on your Home Town Station Am 1220 KHTS.  If anyone has any questions or comments they want us to address over the air, feel free to message it on face book or comment us on the mind your own business face book page.

            Welcome to Mind your own Business with Doug and Ed right here on your Home Town Station AM 1220 KHTS. 

            So Doug, what is on your mind here.  You know what? I want to have an up lifting show, but there is something that I need to talk about.  My son sent me this article the other day.  It says that recovery is only happening for large businesses and it is not happening for small businesses.  Survey after survey, small business owners are showing pessimism about the economy.  Ed you know me, I tend to be the class is half empty guy and you are a glass is half full.  If I had a survey and they asked if I was optimistic about the economy I would say no.  I wanted to see how Mr. Glass half full addresses it. 

            I think it depends on the industry.  Small businesses have by nature an advantage over big ones because we can change directions in minutes, not months.  If you are in business and you need help, make sure you talk to other businesses, because I do not think that the government is going to get us out of this. 

`           I agree with you.  I am involved with three free magazines in this city, and I learn the most going and meeting with other business.  Even though a guy is a competitor with you, there is nothing better than sitting down and talking to them. 

            I always say, used soft words because you never know when you are going to eat them.  You may hate a bank but the next thing that happens is your bank merges with it.

            Do not isolate yourself, make sure that you get out of the office.  There is a reason to do it.  You may not want to do it, and you may have to force yourself to do it, but it is important.  Make sure that you are not a downer, because people will walk away from you. 

            But that was the downer part of the show, the rest of the show will be up beat and informative.  So make sure you stay tuned to your Home Town Station, AM 1220 KHTS.


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