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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - November 25, 2013

Hosts: Alex Urbina and  Wendy Amara

Topic: Gratitude, being grateful for those things not so easy in life

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Airing Mondays at 1 PM Life Leadership with Alex Urbina. Alex will you help you consider new possibilities that you couldn't see before.


Life Leadership with Alex Urbina - November 25, 2013


On today’s show Alex and Wendy talk about being grateful, not so much for the better things in life but for those things in life that aren’t so good and the bad. Taking a new look at those bad things and how to be if you can at all.


We are talking about finding the gratitude in those tragic moments in life or things that may bug you.


How can you be grateful to a family member who seems to be nosey or over involved, Alex said.


You can easily turn it around and take a step back and learn to look at the situation as a loving one and be grateful that you have family regardless of their actions.


At Thanksgiving dinner you might have that family remember that shows up judgemental and frustrated you can choose to shift your outlook and learn how to not let them tag you or effect you and move on with your great day and not let it affect you.


I was able to see and be grateful for the passing of my father, Alex said. He died of cancer and I am grateful he passed when he did because he doesn’t have to suffer and hurt anymore.


Life is now, Wendy said. You do not know anything for sure, so to live life in the moment and present is very important because it can be gone just like that.


To listen to the full show about being grateful for those tough moments in your life, click on the link below!


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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - November 25, 2013

Article: Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - November 25, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings