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5 Things Not To Say When Buying A Car With Lenny Sage

Lenny Sage owner of Mercedes Benz of Valencia sat down with KHTS Owner Carl Goldman to talk about the 5 things not to say when buying a car. Lenny and Carl also touched on the difference between buying a car now and in years past.

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Here is a brief overview of what Lenny and Carl spoke about but be sure to listen to get all the details:

“Honey, what do you think?”                                                                                       

There was a time when the divide and conquer strategy worked for sales people. Lenny says that it doesn’t work because smooth transactions are the ones that make people the happiest. From a strictly customer service point of view you want to make sure that if someone is purchasing a vehicle with their significant other that both of them are happy.

“I have a car to trade in; how does that affect the deal?”                                               

It is important for people to understand how to address your trade in with a dealer. The thing everyone should keep in mind is that you need to treat each as two separate transactions.

“Here’s how much I have to spend.”                                                                            

According to Lenny what is really important is the relationship built between a sales person and the customer. This one isn’t necessarily true because it is the responsibility of the sales person to make sure they don’t sell you something way out of your price range.

“I think my credit’s good.”                                                                                                       

Lenny says unless you are a credit expert you really don’t know. The interest rate may change on your car but the price of the car should not change because of your credit.

“I need this car now.”                                                                                                  

This is a real “no no” for consumers. This phrase comes up a lot when a new car comes up and it is on limited supply but that is not the best time to buy. The dealer will want to get a premium for the car so watch out consumers. 

Mercedes Benz of Valencia is a proud sponsor of our Santa Clarita’s Unsung Hero on KHTS

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